vrijdag 30 december 2016

My lolita-year 2016

Just like last year I thought it was a nice idea to sum up all what happened in this year (mostly lolita fashion wise), great or not, but things that are good to remember :).

In January I didn't do a lot mention-worthy besides working on illustrations for a book, participating in the Global Game Jam and ordering fabric for the dress I planned for Under The Sea. Unfortunately, the fabric turned out way darker than the actual image and the (Dutch) manifacturer would not give me my money back.It was also the month I made a new necklace, but it did not sell so after some time I decided I would just keep it myself. And finally I also sold the last Ursa Major jumperskirt, which made me so happy. But ofcourse I am always happy when someone buys something I made <3.

This second month I started out making a new fabric print design, but decided it wasn't original enough to go through with. This happens sometimes, and I guess maybe that disappoints people but sometimes a designer just has to shove ideas away if they're not good enough.
Some details of Twinkle Constellations
And The Stars Of Confeito JSK
Then exactly on valentines day I found one of my dreamdresses (in the right cut!) for sale and bought it. I had a talk with my husband about it though, but in the end I could buy it. If that ain't true love, eh ;) (yeah, love doesn't come always that easy really, it's not like dresses are cheap :P ).

At the end of the month I organized a meet at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, there was an exhibition about fashion through the ages that I loved to see and thought it was a great idea to go with more lolitas. What happened though is that there was such a large group that it was unevitable that we split up after some time. And also..the exhibition (and some other ones) was so popular that the museum was incredibly crowded. And whenever a large group of lolitas moves through a big

The big group at the Rijksmuseum <3 !
crowd, you know there are lots of people going to ask what you are wearing and why. Or, you know, if you are part of an exhibition or something :/ . So...that wasn't so great...I guess that big museums are just not a perfect location for a meet-up during weekends unless you can 'handle' it. And after the meet it was kinda hard to find a location to get a drink for all of us.... But in the end I guess it worked out, and it was something worthy remembering and I did have a lot of fun :) (but I guess I learned something.. :) ).

The first day of March I made some yummy-looking bracelets, I'm still happy with them :) they remind me of delicious pastries at nice 'boulangeries' (it's still available at Risu Rose!) During this month I received both the Twinkle Constellation jsk and the My Friend Kumya-chan-JSK. The latter one I wore for Osharecon later that month. It's such a nice dress for Spring so I can't wait to wear it for another time (even when I tried to sell it for some time) <3 .

I also went to the local new cat café in my cat-and-dots skirt and..well..the cafe was a little disappointing but wearing the skirt was fun. Sometimes I'm so glad that
The Bubble Jelly Sea jsk
it makes other people happy as well when they see people wearing lolita (I mean: not just me, but just 'people whatever they like' in general! Oh, I forgot but I decided around that time to to cut my hair and have bangs, so happy with that choice even when they don't show up perfectly 90% of the time :P.

Then at the end of the month new fabric came in for the Bubble Jelly Sea jsk that I started to make and also finished this March.

The first week of April we moved to a new house: our very first own house. It was a lot of work but I'm so happy we have such a nice (and huge) place. I also had quite some fun buying new stuff for the interior ^^ ! The rest of the month was filled with more 'getting used' to the house..I tried out our new oven and baked some cute donuts!

Awkwardly posing
with Kimura Yu at UtS!
The first day, me and my husband went to a game- & computermuseum, and I went in lolita... it was a wonderful sunny day! A week later was Under The Sea, the biggest lolita event The Netherlands has ever seen (I think)! It was so much fun and everyone looked so gooood, I wish it would've lasted even longer but yeah it was amazing. This made me want to attend more of these kinds of events for sure!
So many things happened in May: I got interviewed with a friend about lolita fashion, and I held a tea party at my house (my version of a house-warming ;) ). and I went to an alternative fashion event to sell for Risu Rose with my best friend. And I scored the Marshmellow Bunny jsk from Angelic Pretty, one of my dream dresses...What a great month!!

Twin picknick!

Ah sweet summer was here, time for flowers and barbecues. I started working on my Bubble Balloon Sky jsk and also on a dress that just didn't go well so I won't show you XD . We celebrated my husbands birthday and later in June I went to the lolita Twin meet Picknick, which was another lovely sunny afternoon full of fun with fantastic lolita friends. Some days later I got to be part of a Youtube-show (an episode about Lolita Fashion). And then at the end of the month we celebrated my parent's 40-years-anniversary.

Pretty shiny Versailles
Summer-vacation: we finally went to Paris! I attended the opening of the new Angelic Pretty shop and we went to the HUGE Japan Expo and to amazing and stunning Versailles <3.
I bought a parasol/umbrella at Baby The Stars Shine Bright and tried the yummy Princess Crepe. Hmm maybe I'm going again one day :).The summer-meet of BAGGER (the local anime club) was great as well. This month I started working on another dress with my own design.
Aaand..I bought another jumperskirt, because, YES, I finally found the Fairy Tale jsk in lavender from Metamorphose, the print is so gorgeous, I love it!
At the end of the month my friend and I organized another party at my home, this time it was Animal Crossing themed, we had a great time :).

There was a Harry Potter themed lolita meet in Amsterdam, including an amazing high tea. During the second week there were meteor showers and my husband and I had a romantic time reminiscing about the time we first met together <3. Another romantic thing is that we attended a beautiful wedding of a friend, it was so dreamy!Then we did some work around the house and I worked further on the Lucky Star Dreamland jsk that I reserved for a big lolita event in London:

Wicked and Whimsy, where I planned to not only sell for Risu Rose but also show the latest designs. It was an awesome experience, being around major designers and lovely crowds. And also, being in London again, this time during the summer was also very great, we had such a wonderful time, I think maybe London might be my third favourite city in the world ;).

The vacation so packed full of happy events that it was a bit hard to get to work again, but we all know that feeling I think. At least we still had some nice things happening:I celebrated the 10-year-anniversary of my husband and me being together :3 ten year went so fast!
Then I also organized a lolita meet to a famous Dutch palace and even felt a bit like a princess, wandering around there with other beautiful lolita's.
September was also the month a made a video for my new youtube-channel. It was very exciting! I hope I can make more in the future, but it's also a lot of work so I'm afraid I can't promise anything ^^;.

Another lolita meet, but this time in my own city (and not organized by me): a visit to the cat café. Too bad I did not really feel too good so I couldn't stay long, but it was nice meeting some more local lolita's that I had not met yet before.
And at 'last' I received the wonderful and cute Welcome To The Sweets Hexenhaus (Ribbon) jumperskirt from Baby The Stars Shine Bright and wrote a blogpost about it.

Furthermore, I bought some nice fabrics at the fabric fair and used one of them for a skirt I wore a week later to meet up with a friend.Also in October was the swap&sell-meet at Summer Tales Boutique, which was really popular, lots of lolita's were there and I even met some new people, it was great! It was also the first time I wore the Lucky Star Dreamland jsk, which made me very happy.
At the end of this eventful month, I was invited to a superduper-cute birthday party by some lolita friends, which still makes me smile ^_^ (I mean look at some of the party items on the left, doesn't that make you happy?)!

The 4th of november was my birthday but because last month was so busy, I did not plan anything big. But also because the week after that we already had something planned: a dinner together and a party somewhere else afterwards and I wore lolita then :).
One of the bolero's I made.
I got a new petticoat and reviewed it, and I sew myself some new fluffy bolero's to wear during colder times.
My husband and I planned some nice things to do, but before that I got another chance to meet up with some lolita friends again, I'm so happy I could do that, I hope I can continue meeting people in the next year, even when I got a new job now. Also: I finished sewing some skirts and went with my husband to a Christmas fair to get into the december holiday mood!

This month might usually be my favourite, but this year the other months were great as well, event-wise, so I don't think it's the winner this year. But that does not mean it's a bad month! I had a great time going to Utrecht again in total christmas-mode. It was lovely to set up the tree in our (still relatively new) house. We met with family again, sometimes I miss them a bit so even when you don't have a lot together anymore it's just nice to be with each other I think.
And then Christmas came, lots of days of festivities and great times...but I have to say after this I'm quite a bit tired and it's great to curl up on the coach and have time for myself again.
The end of 2016 is near. I know haven't said a lot about all the bad things that happened but I'm not forgetting that, but let's just say I'm looking forward to a new year because of that too, the world needs to become a better place with more positivity and strength. A year in which I probably focus more on my new job and develop my art-skills a bit further and where we will go to Japan again!

But I'm so lucky with all that happened in 2016 as well, I'm very grateful for it, so thanks for being a part of it <3.
How was your year? Did everything worked out as planned or were there surprises? What do you hope for the future? Let me know :) I'm always curious. For now I wish you a very happy and wonderful 2017!!

donderdag 22 december 2016

Holiday cheers

So besides spending some great days in Utrecht, we also went christmas shopping in our own city 
(Groningen), because we bought a brand new (fake) christmas tree and of course had to buy new decoration. The deer & little light in the photo on the right, we bought at the fair. I love the silhouette in both items!
And about the christmas tree... my husband prefers it 'crazy' , which means with lots of color, so we bought some colorful things for it.
For example, weird robots and a gradient-colored pine cone.
We also went to a shop where they had the cutest stuff, but it was honestly pretty expensive. I get why though, but yeah, maybe for another year because of all the money we spent already.

you can find a
video of some 
of the decoration

Last weekend we had a 'december-party' planned at my parent's place, because I can usually not visit them during christmas and it has been a while that I saw my brothers and sisters (with their kids) during the holiday too. Well, maybe you remember that I bought some fabric in October? I had one piece of fabric left yet to do something with, which was the Christmas themed one. So the early december weeks I started to work on it. It was such a busy fabric-design that I kept the cut/silhouette of the dress super simple (that, and I just did not have a lot of time because of my new job)
But here's the finished dress:
Of course I had a coordination planned for it, but for the family party I thought it was better to not wear a petticoat and just wear simple boots under it, seeing as my father wanted to celebrate with a fire/barbecue outside. Luckily I also found some matching tights so I wouldn't get cold.
My parent's had a nice new outdoor roofed veranda since last summer, a nice place to hang out, also my father has been into slow cooking for a while so he has things like a tripod fire pit with a grill, which is pretty cool for these kinds of happenings. He also put up some christmas decorations, pretty nice right?

So that sums up most of our pre-christmas activites. Honestly, I'm a bit sad I can't show you any more lolita coords, because I had some planned but it just wasn't convenient with all the travelling and walking around outside. Maybe I'll just cheat and still wear some during the christmas break, which will start tomorrow, yay!

I hope you all have a wonderful christmas time <3 have fun!

maandag 19 december 2016

Early Christmas activities in Utrecht

Sitting close to the heating against some pillows, with a red soft blanket covering my legs and a cold cup of tea on the table; Christmas is in six nights (or at least here, since we usually don't celebrate Christmas Eve) and there is still enough to do before multiple days of celebration, unwrapping, great food and 'gezelligheid'.
This year, because the 25th is on a sunday, we only have some days off before the festivities start and not a lot time to prepare things. However, my husband and I actually started getting in the mood early.
Trip 1:
We planned to go to the Country & Christmasfair, which is around castle De Haar, near Utrecht at the end of november.
While being accompanied by only four other people in the bus from the station to the castle, we almost thought that this event (apparently) wasn't popular, but when we rode the lane to the castle, we saw the parking lots were all full and that lots of over-middle-age women with either friends or (grand)children were walking from and to the entrance.
Well, the fair was a bit different (little less christmassy) than expected, but we still had fun. There were lots of stalls, and the castle and lights gave it a lovely atmosphere. But because the only real food-supplier there was in an overcrowded pop-up restaurant, the decision to go back to the city-centre (after visiting all the stalls) was quickly made.

Utrecht itself was crowded as well, but luckily there was still a table available at a place called 't Oude Pothuys. I love that in Utrecht you can find lots of restaurants in wharf cellars next to the canal, it gives them a pretty cozy, even romantic feeling. 't Oude Pothuys is a music venue, but you can eat there too and it was pretty decent. Next to diner they had also a pretty nice selection of drinks and after our food, beer & wine we decided to continue this night at a cocktailbar which was said to be very good.
It was funny because I almost walked past 'Behind Bars' because it looked a lot more like a closed society room, or a living room of some sorts than an actual cocktailbar. I don't know if this is 'hip' or not but I guess that sitting at the bar itself was a good idea so we could analyze their peculiar selection of Japanese whiskeys and interesting rum while watching the preperation of our drinks.

And yes, they were excellent, though Nick thought his 'Rumtastic' was a bit too strong.
Walking back to the hotel via an empty central station hall was also a pretty cool experience, it's so different late-night, otherwise it's always crowded. Just as it was the next morning when we bought our breakfast and went back home early.

Trip 2:
Two weeks later we were there (in Utrecht) again (by mistake of booking a trip on the wrong date, irreversible so we had to go), but it was not 'that' bad since we now had two days during a weekend full of christmas markets and lots of time to spend. On the first night we decided to eat at Umami, but honestly it's not such great place after all (second time I was there). A bit annoying that you have to ask for 'real' wasabi and the Umeshu was not on the menu, and besides that just quite mediocre food. Maybe we are getting spoiled.

We went back early to the hotel, where the next morning our disappointment of the last night was wiped off our brains: The breakfast at the NH hotel (near the station) was utterly amaaaazing. Even Nick, who has travelled quite a lot, thought this was the best hotel breakfast he had until now. All the ingredients were fresh and of high quality and excellent choice You could put nice extras in your tea, like lemon, star anise or mint. Or you could have a custom fried egg (including ingredients of your choice). And then I'm not even talking about the sweet cake they had (haha so bad, but of course I am enjoying what I can to the fullest)!

Detail of the back-'window'
at Subcultures.
With our happy, stuffed stomachs, we walked to Hoog Catherijne first (a big mall next to the station), which was luckily still a bit quiet. It was great to shop without the feeling of being rushed. Some interesting highlights were the pop-up store of fashion designer Aziz Bekkaoui, the food & handmade christmas-market around Mariaplaats (bought and tried some delicious things), a shop with many reed-items and the amazing looking (table top) game store Subcultures. It was only the middle afternoon that we got tired and decided to take a short break at our hotel.

Then we went to see 'Fantastic Beasts and how to find them' in the Rembrand cinema, which was a weird experience seeing that we're used to big fancy cinema-foyers but this one was quite small.
Directly after that I had booked us a table at 'Vintage', a tapas & wine bar and it was a lovely place, great to try out some things while chatting about the movie. After that we went for some awesome drinks at 'Zussen', a spacious and fancy-feeling bar/lobby if you ask me...nice location if you ever need to celebrate something in Utrecht.

After these trips (and my recent lolita meets), we have seen enough of this city for a while I guess, but it still remains quite a nice place to be at and it was great to have some pre-christmas activities before the actual holidays. Have you ever been to castle De Haar or Utrecht for shopping/walking around, what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!
I hope to write another post about holiday celebrations soon, so I hope to see you again, thanks for reading .

vrijdag 2 december 2016

Lolita Survey

When I saw others posting this on Facebook, it felt like fun to do so here is a short lolita survey/question list!

1) Do you still have your first Lolita piece?

The first piece I bought (and not made myself): No. It was the Chocoberry jsk in light-green from Bodyline. I wore it once and then sold it pretty fast because I did not like the color-combo at all on me.The first piece I sewn myself I still have, though I changed it into a skirt.

2) What is the oldest piece in your wardrobe?

Release-year-wise it it Friend Kumya-chan Judy jsk which is from 2009. All brand piece I have are from 2009-2013, apparently some good years for my taste. Nowadays there isn't a lot released that I really like.

3) What is the newest piece in your wardrobe?

For a main piece, it's the skirts I have sewn myself, all finished them last month or so.
Or release-year-brand-wise it is Sweets Hexenhaus from 2013. Accidentally enough also the last brand-piece I bought.

4) What is your cheapest main piece?

The skirts were definitely cheap, about 9 euro each material wise, but yeah then I am not counting the hours and effort that went into it. Brand-dress wise it was Kumya-chan Judy jsk as well. It was about 100 euro including shipping I think. For most 'normal' people that must still sound expensive though, hihi.

5) What is your most expensive main piece?

Twinkle Constellation and the Stars of Confeito JSK. It was well above $200 *blush*. Eh yeah I know it's expensive for a 2nd-hand piece, but I could not find this thing (in the right cut/color) for the love of it. But gosh it is SO worth its price, so many supercute details on the print, no regrets!!
I know some people can wait years for things to drop in price, but my thought is: in some years who knows I might not love the fashion as much anymore, wear (and buy) it while you can ;). The thought that it is re-sellable (even though dropped in value) also makes it a bit better to me.

6) What is your favorite item?

Little Bear's Cafe is my favourite, although it is really hard to choose! The soft-sweet cookie-colors mixed with happy pink and cute bears and squirrels and yummy food is just absolutely 100% my taste! Also: the fabric is warm and thick, so quality-wise it's really nice.
I have love-loved Squirrel Party (yes, from Bodyline) for a while too, but I got it in a mirrored print and after a while I did not like the bodice-part anymore, so after a while the love was over :P.

7) Which item do you wear most?

Main pieces: Milky Berry & Little Bear's Cafe are on the top with both worn 4 times and after that my handmade Dutch Sweet Tea and Ursa Major jsk: both 3 times.

But I think I wear my white and pink Angelic Pretty blouses the most really, that or my pink shoes.

8) Which item do you wear least?

I wore most of the skirts just once yet. I am also selling one at the moment, even though I won it with a fashion contest it was after all not my taste (classic just doesn't suit me I guess).

9) Anything you haven't worn yet?

I just got a blouse and bolero last week that I haven't worn yet. But I wore all my main pieces yes. I am probably also not the person to keep something in my wardrobe too long if (for any reason) I won't wear it..I would just sell it again.

10) What is missing from your wardrobe? 

The sax OTK's from the Marshmallow Bunny set, some navy or white OTK's or tights that match the Stars of Confeito jsk (so yes with stars).
And maaaaybe another dress with some red in it so I can match that red-heart-bag with it. I have already sketches ready for that (fabric)design, haha!
Also missing, or at least something I would love to have are white platform boots, I would really love to have this for a coord with Marshmallow bunny. I'm saving up for it, and hopefully with my new job it's not too long before I have some.
And.. I also don't have a bonnet and would really like try one on. I found a perfect matching one last summer, but it wasn't the right price sadly.
Lol, so I stopped buying main-pieces but I need more other stuff to finish coords!

11) When will your wardrobe be complete?

Dream-dress wise it is already 'complete', I am superhappy and satisfied with everything that I have ^o^! But yeah, is there such a thing as a complete wardrobe? People change over time, so might I...
But yeah, the items above would make the coords a bit better, so I guess that is when it feels more complete. It is sort-of-funny that it was first more like collecting, and now it feels more like: if I like something I could buy it. But there aren't a lot of dresses I really like at the moment.

12) What was the last Lolita item that you sold or threw away?

By now, that skirt I was selling is sold (haha, yay), so that is the last one. Throwing away items? Hmmm I don't know if I would do that. Giving away might be better :)! (but yeah if you have socks with holes in them or something, I'd throw that away I guess).

13) How many OPS do you have?

Only one! I'd love to have one OP with long sleeves though. Short sleeves aren't super-useful here unless it's summer. Although I could wear something under or over it I guess..

14) How many JSKs do you have?

Seventeen if I'm correct. Of which 8 are handmade by me!

15) How many skirts do you have?

Four. I wasn't so much into skirts, but they are great for casual wear, even without a petticoat (haha oh no what a sin). And they are also a bit cheaper and easier to make so that's why I made some more last year.

16) How many petticoats do you have?

Four. One older white bell-shaped one from Classical Puppets, one new white one from Bunny House, a black one for under darker dresses and an A-line I won at a Summer Tales Boutique tea-party! I'm not using the A-line though at all..so I am thinking of selling it..but I am hesitating..because I won it and maybe I will use it once? Not sure yet.

17) What do you plan to buy next?

Probably those missing items from question #10 :P. I really want white boots!

18) When you first started wearing Lolita what did you want your wardrobe to be like?

Really I had no idea, I did not have a lot of money yet and was not 'dreaming' of a whole wardrobe. Then when I started to make a wish/dream-list it started with lots of super-sweet dreamy dresses like Dream Fantasy & Toy Fantasy from AP and then later on, I started liking some floral and/or detailed but a bit less-colorful prints too, with a bit of a sweet-but-mature vibe (or well..that's how I see it).

19) What is your wardrobe currently like?

Exactly like a mix of what I liked before: super-sweet-stuff mixed with detailed prints that are a bit less 'out there'. It's great to have some variation, because you can choose to wear something you feel like that day or suits a theme better.

20) What would you like your wardrobe to be like in the future?

Hmm, I don't know how many more main pieces I will buy, I am not the kind of lolita that says "never enough". I could imagine that if I would buy more things,  it would be with more darker/jewel-tones but still with sweet prints. Like dark-red/wine, navy, brown etc.
But I can also see myself wearing Otome a bit more, with dresses or skirts that can be worn more casually but still are fun print-wise. And a bit of a secret between us: I did start a "maybe-some-day-I-can-have-this dresses list with things I love, again. Because well, it's not like I stop liking this lovely cute fashion for now ^^ !

zondag 27 november 2016

November coord catch-up & life update

Hiya! I am going to start about what coords I wore this month and then after that you can read a bit about my current life (or skip that if you don't care :P).

Chocolate-y Candy

Coord Rundown:
JSK: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Blouse & Bag: Angelic Pretty
Boots: Bodyline
Ring: Enchantlic Enchantilly

The 11th of november there is a Dutch holiday/tradition called 'Sint Maarten', after Saint Martin of course. In several parts (mainly the north) of The Netherlands, children go around their neighbourhood doors with (usually handcrafted) lanterns to sing and then receive candy.
We used to live in flat apartments before and wouldn't be 'bothered' by this tradition, yet this year I also got a feeling of nostalgia and of preservation of that feeling of a good 'gezellige' neighbourhood. Probably because we got a 'real' house now, but also because it was the week after the USA elections and maybe, I thought, maybe let's not change everything into a modern thing and keep the tradition going on.

My husband and I also planned a dinner in the city and we had a party elsewhere afterwards. Because of all the occasions I felt like dressing up. Of course I had to wear something with candy! This time I coordinated it with my brown bolero and boots, makes it a little bit more casual. Lots of the kids looked kinda surprised by my outfit I guess, haha.

A cuddly sky

Coord rundown:
JSK & bolero: Risu Rose (by me)
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Headband: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Necklace: Risu Rose (by me)
Stars-clip gifted/offbrand
Shoes from Taobao

I was planning on making a video-tutorial about how to simply sew a lolita skirt, but I honestly don't know if I'm still going to edit/make it (sorry). Anyway, I wore the coord for shooting the video. There were plenty of grey cloudy days that week before and I really felt the need to see some blue sky and warm/fluffy hints to it. It was also a nice chance to try on my newly sewn bolero.
To be honest, I am a lot happier with this coord, than the last one with this dress. I suppose this was a bit what I had in mind with it when I designed it and drew the illustrations on the fabric. Although that was in summer in mind, this feels more like a winter sky :)!

Heart-berry Bear

Coord rundown:
Skirt: Risu Rose (by me, fabric from elsewhere)
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Bolero & shoes : Bodyline
Bag: Diamond Honey
Little bear keychain: Harrods

Last wednesday I met up with some lolita friends in Utrecht again. It was great! At the station there was a temporary Harry Potter book store in honor of the new (Fantastic Beasts) movie. It was pretty small and what they sold wasn't really interesting to me but they did a great job with the interior & decorations. There were some great antique/classic looking cabinets that really gave it a nice atmosphere.
After that we went for a (vegan) lunch at Sla and took some photos at the small courtyard of the Dom tower. This cathedral is actually really a beautiful thing to see, somehow I never really took in the details, but it is pretty impressive so if you are in Utrecht, go take a look.

Well, I did not go for a HP or classic/church-related coord, because I really wanted to wear my new skirt and use my new bag! The bag I saw a while ago on the Lolita Updates facebook group, together with their cookie-bear bag and it was instant love <3! I haven't felt that feeling since a while. They weren't too expensive either, so I ordered them the same day.

As you can see the bag has a transparent side where you can put in things for decoration (just like those otaku ita-bags). I still don't have much to decorate it with yet, but the lollipop and Minnie Mouse pencil instantly came to mind (both also given by friends ^.^ makes it a bit special). Though I wasn't really sure about the coord (red is a bit hard of a color to work with) I felt it worked out even though it's rather in-your-face  :P.

Charlotte, Josine & me at the Dom
I am glad that I could just go travel a day during the week, but after this weekend it's not going to be possible for a while!
To be honest, last months were a bit rough. Life as a freelancer is definitely not easy and last year has been the worst year illustration-job-wise since I graduated (5 years ago). It got me a bit in a negative spiral, where after I finished working for a client, I did not feel the motivation to draw a lot -just for me- anymore. I still had so many ideas and lots of time, but I just felt like my work wasn't (or isn't) really wanted nor needed in this world...that thought just sucks up all of the motivation. Next to that: being only at home so much isn't really a great thing after a while.

Last week I decided: I am going to look for a (part-time) job again, it is just a lot healthier and better for life-perspective (is that even a word?) and I can maybe find the motivation again to work just for myself if I don't have to draw for clients and have a steady income otherwise.
Funny (and lucky!?) enough, some days after I decided that, I got offered a job again and it's something that I am even glad to do and interested in so I'm so happy :D! The idea hasn't really settled in my mind yet, but I have to start this week already so no time to think, just go work, yay!
So if I am a bit more silent social-media wise, then you know why.

Some decorations we bought at a christmas fair this week.
I hope you all have a great december, I love all the cozy holidays and we already ordered a new christmas tree, so I can't wait to get into the christmas mood coming weeks! Are you planning some special things or did you already buy some presents for your loved ones? Let me know in the comments :) and see you next time! Thanks for reading!

woensdag 9 november 2016

The lolita closet

Last April we moved to another house, a place with lots more space and thus I could think -from scratch- of how I would store my clothes. What kind of closet would work, in combination with my lolita clothes?

In our former apartment there were built-in closets which was convenient for extra storage, next to the Ikea closet we already had. It was great for storing all my dresses in a save, closed space. But unfortunately there weren't shelves under it to store all the shoes and bags too in that same closet. So I kept my shoes and bags in another room. I always had to walk between the different rooms to get all the items to make my coordinations, which was not so convenient.

Luckily at Ikea (and probably some other stores) you can arrange/organise your own closet the way you like. In our new home we decided to have a separate room for our clothes ♥ hooray (what a luxury)! It was so nice that everything could be at the same place! So we bought a big closet to put in the room. Of course one part is for my husband (we have the same amount of closet-space by the way), but the other part is totally mine.

So what is a smart way to arrange your closet so everything can be in the same section?
I decided that the dresses and blouses would need to hang at eye level, and reachable (I'm not the longest person so some ready-made-closets have rails that are too high).
And below the dresses would be space for everything else. You can see on the photo left how it looks now.

As you can see I have a small space below the dresses and under that are 3 drawers. In the top drawer are my headbows, wristcuffs and some jewelry. Under that is the drawer with my bags. Last time I bought bags they didn't fit -all- in there anymore, so I moved some of the ones I don't use as much anymore to my other closet-part or upstairs.
Then the last drawer is full of shoes. I'm so glad that 4 x 2 pairs precisely fit in there.
I love these drawers, I don't have to worry about getting dust on anything and it's all neatly organised.

You might have noticed that my dresses and blouses are mixed. Sometimes I put a blouse on top of a dress on the same hanger, it takes up less space that way and it's also a way to put things that match together. I usually iron them anyway before I put on a garment so it's not much of a problem if they get a bit wrinkled (luckily it doesn't happen too much anyway).

 Another thing is that my socks are hanging between there as well!
For my socks I use an big accessory hanger with those big circles, the socks easily go through the circles and take up less space then they would in a drawer I think. It looks less neat though maybe.

Then where to keep the petticoats? Well next to the closet was a space where a small tall shoe-rack fitted, I use that rack to squish my petticoats in and on top are some of my boots. Before I kept my petticoats in a plastic box but it was always hard to close the box, haha. And this way they also get some fresh air ;).

I don't keep my skirts in here though, well..there isn't a lot of space left anyway and I don't wear my skirts that often so they just go in my other closet-part with the normal skirts.
As for smaller accessories, I keep them on a pin-board on the wall, so I can easily browse them and put things on while I stand in front of the mirror.

I'm pretty happy with how it works right now, even though this is not a super-cute or pretty closet, it's very practical, especially in combination with the room and the other closet-parts next to it. Let's just hope that I won't need any more than this, but I think if it won't fit anymore I might get rid of or move some items again if needed.
Some bags and things upstairs in my work-room, they look cute enough to use as decoration don't you think?
How is your closet arranged? Do you have a supercute space only for your lolita things or is everything just among your other clothes? Do you keep your accessories in drawers or is everything exposed on your walls? Let me know, I'm very curious!
Thanks for reading and see you again!

woensdag 2 november 2016

Bunny House Petticoat Review

Some months ago I ordered a new petticoat. My 'old' Classical Puppets petticoat wasn't just that poofy anymore and I decided to buy a new one. I saw some good things about the ones from Bunny House, which is a Vietnamese business. I decided to try that one out.


Bunny House does not have their own website, they use their Facebook page for all their information. The description of the photos there describe how you can order it. They use a Google form for their orders.
It is custom made for you, so you can choose your own preferred size (within certain limits of course). Which is great, I could now choose to let it be made a tiny bit shorter ( because my waistline is a bit lower than most waists of my dresses).
I ordered their "super large white bell-shaped petticoat" on September 15, got a payment request the next day and got a mail that it was sent out (including tracking code) on October 6th, so that costed them only less than 3 weeks to make and send, which is super-reasonable especially seeing as I ordered it during a sale.


The petticoat itself is made from shiny organza fabric. It has about 4 layers on top that spread out in several more tiers of double layers.
First, I wasn't so sure if I should order large or super large size. If I think about 'super large' I think of the petti's Angelic Pretty use for their Japanese shows or something, but in fact this Bunny House petticoat isn't super-duper large. It's more like the right size, spreading out the fabric of my dresses nicely. But I don't feel like it's too much at all, so if you are a wearer of sweet lolita and need some cute happy poof then go for the Super Large size.
Something that didn't make me super-happy was that there isn't a layer of cotton (or any soft fabric) between the most inner layer and your legs. They did use a sort of opaque-polyester fabric, but it isn't very soft and I still felt the organza fabric around my legs when I walked around. That same polyester fabric is also used for the waistband, which I wonder how it will feel if it would be directly on your skin for a day. I usually tuck my blouse or top/shirt in it so to prevent that but yeah that can stretch out sometimes.

Let's hope it can survive more train-traveling and chair-sitting than the Classical Puppets one though. Honestly I did not expect it to be deflated as fast, I only have it for 1,5 years and I think maybe wear it for 1,5-2 days a month or so? Most of the meets I go to are about 2 hours travelling away though, so I also have an extra 'sit' on it besides the meets themselves. I would not recommend Classical Puppets for daily wear, but with that many layers I think the Bunny House one must live a bit longer.

I also made a short video about it so you can see some things upclose. I hope you find it useful if you every plan on buying a new petticoat! What kind of petti(s) do you wear and are you happy with it?

Thanks for reading, if you have questions or things to share or anything then please let me know in a comment below! See ya!

maandag 31 oktober 2016

Coord Catch Up

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, I guess it's kind of hard to do lots of stuff, I got a bit ill and also had to finish things for work and finish a video. But nonetheless I wanted to show you the latest coords I've been wearing at some really lovely events/meets. It was quite a busy month social-wise and honestly even when I really love being with friends, it's also very nice to have some peaceful time to rest and have time for yourself, but it's nice to look back at it. So here the outfits I wore!

Lavender Autumn

Coord Rundown:
Skirt: handmade
Blouse: handmade
Shoes: An Tai Na
Brooch: Risu Rose
Rest: offbrand

On the 12th I met up with Charlotte, a friend I met about 1,5 years ago. She's also a lolita and originally comes from France. It was nice to get to know each other a bit better. At big meets talking for a longer time isn't that easy so it's great to meet up with friends just to chat and share some tea or food ♥!

A month back or so I bought the fabric for this skirt at a market and I finished sewing it for this day because I felt it was quite autumn-like with the leaf-fairies in lavender, beige and brownish shades. And ofcourse that is best worn in autumn! The lace I bought on Etsy, originally for a Risu Rose commission but there was plenty left for more garments.

I don't often wear skirts but I think it's great for casual occasions, matched with a cardigan or bolero. The cardigan I bought last year at the Lidl and the roses in my hair come from a cheap shop called So Low. Haha when it comes to normal clothes and accessories they don't have to be expensive per se right ^_~.

Frilly Dreamland

Coord Rundown:
JSK+bow: Risu Rose
Blouse & OTKs: Angelic Pretty
Small Fluffy Star clip: from a shop at Japan Expo
Big Star Ring: Chocomint
Heart bubble ring: Pylones
Bag: Loris
Star bracelets: handmade / Primark

Next up is my first coord with my Lucky Star Dreamland jumperskirt. I know it's a bit on the safe side, but I definitely think this frilly blouse looks so sweet with the lavender color. I do want to try it on with my pink or yellow blouse too though. Since there are moon and stars on the print I wore them as accessories too.

The photo was taken by a new friend that I finally got to meet in real life which was super nice! I did wear this outfit to the swap/sell-meet which was held at Summer Tales Boutique (so besides my moon-bag I carried a not-matching big-ass trolley-bag full with stuff all the way from my home, haha).

At the meet I got a lot of things for free (shocking right o_o ?!) which was sooo super-sweet. I made a video about it:

Hope you liked watching it ^_^!

Pastel Fluffy Carnival

Coord Rundown:
JSK: handmade by me with Econeco fabric
Fluffy star clip: from Japan Expo (prob. same as the Chocomint ones)
Blouse: vintage from Summer Tales Boutique
Headbow/band: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Boots: Bodyline
Unicorn ring: Risu Rose
Cotton Candy Prop & necklace: made by Eveline

Two cute fellow sweet lolita friends invited me to their birthday party! I was really looking forward to this and honestly thought of several things for a fitting coord, because I wanted to match the theme of the party, which was "Dreamy Carnival". As you might know there are lots of 'carnival' prints from Angelic Pretty which is actually usually with some sort of caroussel with ponies/horses on the print, so I definitely had to wear something with horses of some kind.

I have to be honest, I am (or was) not a horse/pony kind of girl per se. Yes I like My Little Pony and yes I do love pegasi with their majestic wings and unicorns with their fairytale-like style. But for a long time I really didn't want anything with a pony/horses on a dress, I just love the more smaller and fluffier animals like bunnies and bears I guess.
BUT the ponies definitely grew on me, especially seeing the fluffy bags and plushies in real life I thought they were really cute and cuddly and sort of elegant at the same time. They are defnitely well-made too, so it's just not like any other plushie you know. And as for sugary carnival, or well, lots of others of those AP prints, they are full of pastels. And pastels are gooood for my soul, so yeah I can't say no to that. That Angelic Pretty Pony on the photo was not part of the coord and is not mine but it was too cute no to put on picture!

Anyway, my Econeco jsk was the closest thing to a carnival theme with its animal parade and that unicorn on the bodice so I had to wear that! I had hoped to create an overskirt for it too, but alas I got sick the week before so I didn't have time anymore to finish it :(. At least I could wear some new stuff from the swap meet. The party was a lot of fun too ♡ besides a lot of nice chatting with friends, we even made and ate real cotton candy, how awesome is that huh !?

♫ Picture with the supercute birthday girls ♫

Happy late birthday to them!

Well those were the coords I wore the last weeks. If you have any questions or tips/critique for my coords I'll be glad to hear them so let me know and leave a comment!
There aren't any meet-ups planned soon for me, but I probably will wear lolita anyway of course (you don't have to wear it only to meet-ups you know :3 ) and I have some other posts planned so thanks for reading and see you again soon!