donderdag 22 december 2016

Holiday cheers

So besides spending some great days in Utrecht, we also went christmas shopping in our own city 
(Groningen), because we bought a brand new (fake) christmas tree and of course had to buy new decoration. The deer & little light in the photo on the right, we bought at the fair. I love the silhouette in both items!
And about the christmas tree... my husband prefers it 'crazy' , which means with lots of color, so we bought some colorful things for it.
For example, weird robots and a gradient-colored pine cone.
We also went to a shop where they had the cutest stuff, but it was honestly pretty expensive. I get why though, but yeah, maybe for another year because of all the money we spent already.

you can find a
video of some 
of the decoration

Last weekend we had a 'december-party' planned at my parent's place, because I can usually not visit them during christmas and it has been a while that I saw my brothers and sisters (with their kids) during the holiday too. Well, maybe you remember that I bought some fabric in October? I had one piece of fabric left yet to do something with, which was the Christmas themed one. So the early december weeks I started to work on it. It was such a busy fabric-design that I kept the cut/silhouette of the dress super simple (that, and I just did not have a lot of time because of my new job)
But here's the finished dress:
Of course I had a coordination planned for it, but for the family party I thought it was better to not wear a petticoat and just wear simple boots under it, seeing as my father wanted to celebrate with a fire/barbecue outside. Luckily I also found some matching tights so I wouldn't get cold.
My parent's had a nice new outdoor roofed veranda since last summer, a nice place to hang out, also my father has been into slow cooking for a while so he has things like a tripod fire pit with a grill, which is pretty cool for these kinds of happenings. He also put up some christmas decorations, pretty nice right?

So that sums up most of our pre-christmas activites. Honestly, I'm a bit sad I can't show you any more lolita coords, because I had some planned but it just wasn't convenient with all the travelling and walking around outside. Maybe I'll just cheat and still wear some during the christmas break, which will start tomorrow, yay!

I hope you all have a wonderful christmas time <3 have fun!

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  1. That dress is super cute! It was a good move to keep the design simple, it lets the print shine and that is the most adorable Christmas print I've seen. You could go really OTT with it or keep it simple, classy and elegant. I wish you a good Christmas! :D xx