zondag 27 november 2016

November coord catch-up & life update

Hiya! I am going to start about what coords I wore this month and then after that you can read a bit about my current life (or skip that if you don't care :P).

Chocolate-y Candy

Coord Rundown:
JSK: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Blouse & Bag: Angelic Pretty
Boots: Bodyline
Ring: Enchantlic Enchantilly

The 11th of november there is a Dutch holiday/tradition called 'Sint Maarten', after Saint Martin of course. In several parts (mainly the north) of The Netherlands, children go around their neighbourhood doors with (usually handcrafted) lanterns to sing and then receive candy.
We used to live in flat apartments before and wouldn't be 'bothered' by this tradition, yet this year I also got a feeling of nostalgia and of preservation of that feeling of a good 'gezellige' neighbourhood. Probably because we got a 'real' house now, but also because it was the week after the USA elections and maybe, I thought, maybe let's not change everything into a modern thing and keep the tradition going on.

My husband and I also planned a dinner in the city and we had a party elsewhere afterwards. Because of all the occasions I felt like dressing up. Of course I had to wear something with candy! This time I coordinated it with my brown bolero and boots, makes it a little bit more casual. Lots of the kids looked kinda surprised by my outfit I guess, haha.

A cuddly sky

Coord rundown:
JSK & bolero: Risu Rose (by me)
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Headband: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Necklace: Risu Rose (by me)
Stars-clip gifted/offbrand
Shoes from Taobao

I was planning on making a video-tutorial about how to simply sew a lolita skirt, but I honestly don't know if I'm still going to edit/make it (sorry). Anyway, I wore the coord for shooting the video. There were plenty of grey cloudy days that week before and I really felt the need to see some blue sky and warm/fluffy hints to it. It was also a nice chance to try on my newly sewn bolero.
To be honest, I am a lot happier with this coord, than the last one with this dress. I suppose this was a bit what I had in mind with it when I designed it and drew the illustrations on the fabric. Although that was in summer in mind, this feels more like a winter sky :)!

Heart-berry Bear

Coord rundown:
Skirt: Risu Rose (by me, fabric from elsewhere)
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Bolero & shoes : Bodyline
Bag: Diamond Honey
Little bear keychain: Harrods

Last wednesday I met up with some lolita friends in Utrecht again. It was great! At the station there was a temporary Harry Potter book store in honor of the new (Fantastic Beasts) movie. It was pretty small and what they sold wasn't really interesting to me but they did a great job with the interior & decorations. There were some great antique/classic looking cabinets that really gave it a nice atmosphere.
After that we went for a (vegan) lunch at Sla and took some photos at the small courtyard of the Dom tower. This cathedral is actually really a beautiful thing to see, somehow I never really took in the details, but it is pretty impressive so if you are in Utrecht, go take a look.

Well, I did not go for a HP or classic/church-related coord, because I really wanted to wear my new skirt and use my new bag! The bag I saw a while ago on the Lolita Updates facebook group, together with their cookie-bear bag and it was instant love <3! I haven't felt that feeling since a while. They weren't too expensive either, so I ordered them the same day.

As you can see the bag has a transparent side where you can put in things for decoration (just like those otaku ita-bags). I still don't have much to decorate it with yet, but the lollipop and Minnie Mouse pencil instantly came to mind (both also given by friends ^.^ makes it a bit special). Though I wasn't really sure about the coord (red is a bit hard of a color to work with) I felt it worked out even though it's rather in-your-face  :P.

Charlotte, Josine & me at the Dom
I am glad that I could just go travel a day during the week, but after this weekend it's not going to be possible for a while!
To be honest, last months were a bit rough. Life as a freelancer is definitely not easy and last year has been the worst year illustration-job-wise since I graduated (5 years ago). It got me a bit in a negative spiral, where after I finished working for a client, I did not feel the motivation to draw a lot -just for me- anymore. I still had so many ideas and lots of time, but I just felt like my work wasn't (or isn't) really wanted nor needed in this world...that thought just sucks up all of the motivation. Next to that: being only at home so much isn't really a great thing after a while.

Last week I decided: I am going to look for a (part-time) job again, it is just a lot healthier and better for life-perspective (is that even a word?) and I can maybe find the motivation again to work just for myself if I don't have to draw for clients and have a steady income otherwise.
Funny (and lucky!?) enough, some days after I decided that, I got offered a job again and it's something that I am even glad to do and interested in so I'm so happy :D! The idea hasn't really settled in my mind yet, but I have to start this week already so no time to think, just go work, yay!
So if I am a bit more silent social-media wise, then you know why.

Some decorations we bought at a christmas fair this week.
I hope you all have a great december, I love all the cozy holidays and we already ordered a new christmas tree, so I can't wait to get into the christmas mood coming weeks! Are you planning some special things or did you already buy some presents for your loved ones? Let me know in the comments :) and see you next time! Thanks for reading!

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  1. I absolutely love that first coord, it's simple yet cute and does justice to the dress. And I'm a little surprised at how well the ring matches. :D
    I love Christmas season and after last year, when I had started my first proper job only a week before December and I wasn't feeling Christmassy, it's great to be in that cosy, happy place again. Although my personal rule of 'no Christmas songs before it's actually December' is killing me on the inside - but I don't want to run out of excitement too soon!