vrijdag 3 maart 2017

Coord/Wardrobe Catch-up Jan/Feb '17

The last months have been quite grey, rainy and cold, which you would expect from winter ofcourse but everytime it's still disappointing if you ask me. But it does not stop me from wearing the fashion inside the house and putting on some coordinations that otherwise keep hanging around in my head. So here is what I wore in January & February (apart from what I already showed) and new things I bought

Snow and sunshine always makes me happy, it glistens and looks so soft and happy,
it's truly the one thing I love about winter. So I needed to celebrate that and get my selfmade/designed Snowy Day jsk out, I'm pretty happy with this coord since it combines several colors and themes :D think it's my fav. with this jsk yet!
Had an after-work drink&bite with some colleagues of Nick (that work on the same corridor as me)
So I thought it would be nice to dress up, but not too much since wearing a petticoat in a crammed pub didn't sound like a great idea. I did however sell this dress this week, I do like the print but I just didn't feel really 'me' in it, guess I'm even more into sweet than I thought.
Don't you have that sometimes that your taste changes a bit or gets more defined later on?

All through january I was thinking: what would I wear for valentines? That heart-bag was a must-have for the coord, so something with red. But to be honest, I wore so much Milky Berry in the last years that I just wanted something else. I liked this print and color of Lyrical Party a lot and found it for cheap on Yahoo so I bought it :D. It is kinda smaller and shorter than other dresses I have, but it's different and the print is obviously super adorable! But the temperature was under zero that day so we didn't go for diner unfortunately. Well, I can wear it another day!

Last week I had a short holiday of work and stayed at home most of the time to get some deserved rest. I've been thinking about coording Little Bears Cafe with this bag for a while but just not a lot of opportunities so I just thought: why the hell not just wear it for the fun of it.

New items in my wardrobe!

This is a bow I made, I didn't have a lavender one already and was looking for one that is a bit less popping out like the sweet headbows that AP sometimes makes. Maybe I should make a light-yellow one too.

For a long time I had the idea for making a bunny cape for with my Marshmallow Bunny jsk
and when I got the latest Otome no Sewing for christmas I got the perfect pattern for it, so here it is!

Bought this (fake fur) collar from a fellow Dutch lolita friend, thought it looked pretty good with this pearlish cardigan. I hope I can have a deer/fawn-themed dress one day.

A beret and a pass-case holder. I loved that detailed Serenity embroidery.
The pass-case is for in Japan :) don't you love the idea of having your pass in something cute that you can swipe over the gates. 

And here it is, besides the Lyrical Party jsk, I also got Happy Garden for a nice price from a Belgian lolita friend. This is another print I have awed at for some years but wasn't sure to get because, yes it screams Easter. BUT I can wear this throughout whole spring. Or even during autumn if I miss the feeling of spring, right? And look, the print is soooo cute!!

So this is probably going to be my last post before I fly over to amazing Tokyo, I can't wait! So when I'm back I can hopefully tell you all about it :). 

maandag 27 februari 2017

Japan plans - What to buy?

As promised in the first Japan 2017 blog, I would make a list of everything I should not forget to buy!
Well, I made the list, but that made it a bit boring really and seeing as some things might be a bit hard to explain to my husband (who hopefully is wanting to help search for things), I made it visual!

My wardrobe needs more socks for variation, I mean I have lots of dresses but I'm not going to wear the same coordinations all the time. And some of my dresses don't even have real matching otk's...

I hope to buy a brown and light-yellow bolero's at Closet Child, my other brown one is actually not amazing and I'd love to have a yellow one to match my sweet pastel dresses.

Blouses: I'd love to have one good but plain-ish white blouse without detachable puffsleeves. And maybe a sax-blue one as well. I'm looking for a white fluffy bag to match with my bunny dresses and also hope I can find some new accessories to, again, put more variation into my coords.
More casual-cute fashion! I only have nice cute stuff with short sleeves, but in the Netherlands you are going to need long sleeves until June or so (or even further) so I hope I can find some cute comfy clothes. Next to that more gold/sophisticated but still cute jewelry to match with work-wear. And not forget: make up and face masks. I'm done with the mud/cream masks, these throw-away ones seem awesome.

For a long time I awed at the resin creations that people made and I tried it out myself once with mixing resin which has to harden for a long time. UV resin seems so much easier and is apparently available in Japanese hobby stores! Of course I'm going to look at fabric and lace. Then some other hobby-stuff like a nice paint-brush, postcards and books and such.

As full geeks (or otaku's if you will), of course we are going to the Pokemon store again. I hope to buy some buttons and keychains for my 'ita-bags' (the one with the 'window'). A new cover plate for my 3DS would be nice. Besides that just looking for fan stuff like artbooks and figures, can't wait to see what they sell now!

Since it is sakura-season, we're going to find lots of sakura-themed food right? I'm really curious! Besides that we love trying out new snacks and delicacies. And we are definitely going to stock up on more tea, yep!

Of course we won't forget friends and family and see if we can find some interesting souvenirs for them. I probably forgot some other things as well, but the list above is at least handy for remembering. And sure, it's super materialistic, but we don't go to Japan often and it is much cheaper than shipping from online stores (+customs tax and such). Also happy I have a job now :D. But we did get a bit older and after moving houses last year I sort of figured that sometimes things are really temporary, like manga's or figures from series you loved once...but I guess that is okay as long as you enjoy it for a while and don't spend more than you want to ^_^!

Did you go to Japan once, and what did you buy? Found bargains or tried things that you actually threw away later? I'd love to know! Thanks for reading ❤

maandag 20 februari 2017

What games did you like?

Last months some people have asked me what games I like(d) and/or play, since I've been working at the Game Design & Development department as a teacher/coach. That's why I thought it would be nice to write a blogpost about gaming.

I call myself a casual gamer because I don't play hours and hours every week, instead when there is a game that I like, I can play it a lot during a month or so in the weekends or evenings. That, and that I'm more into games that are easier to play and not too hard. I might be lazy(?), but I always say: isn't it a form of 'ontspanning', which can be translated as both entertainment and relaxation. I like games for having some light-energy fun.

Honestly, I find it very hard to pin-point one most favourite so the order of these is not of importance..but I know I played these for hours and had lots of fun with it <3.

Pokemon Puzzle Challenge / Panel de Pon

Actually the same sort of game, but I think Panel de Pon was the origin of the series? There's also a Kirby-kind of this game and one called Tetris Attack but I did not play those. Basically it's a tile-matching game where you switch the tiles individually to make combinations (and chains of them).
It can get really challenging, because in story-mode (or vs.) you play against someone and then you want to make the biggest combinations and chains to attack the other (it gives them more tiles to work away).
I discovered this game with Pokemon Puzzle Challenge, and saw Panel de Pon later on via a friend and it was so adorable that I bought a Japanese Super Famicom (SNES) and some games to actually play it the way it was meant to be (gawd, the colors and music sound so good orginally)!
 ~ Gameplay video link

Puyo Puyo
It's almost the same as Panel de Pon, but a bit different.
Don't really remember when I discovered it? I think via an old online friend (played it via an emulator), and then later there was a GBA release (Puyo Pop Fever). And now there is Puyo Puyo Tetris :) lots of the old characters are still in there, which is fun, they had crazy characters! . I really like that they are making a translation of Puyo Puyo Tetris so I can actually follow the story a bit better :P.  ~  Gameplay video link


The idea of this game is so nice and the world is soooo cute and funny, I don't know what is not to
like. So basically you are a locoroco, a jelly-like-ball-creature that has to search/collect its friends and form one big LocoRoco creature, solve puzzles, freeing Mui Mui's and avoiding Moja's (enemies). The game is for the PSP and the way you moved was by pressing the shoulder buttons of the PSP, which would change the angle of the landscape and thus through gravity the LocoRoco would roll (a mechanic not used a lot I think. so quite original). You also had a sort of overworld (maybe only in the 2nd game?) and supercute music that made it so appealing.  ~ Gameplay video link

Flyff - Fly For Fun
Ah, everytime I think about it I get a nostalgic feeling. Flyff is a MMORPG, and actually the first one I played. It was the first year of college and I finally got my own (crappy) computer and played this with my boyfriend (now husband), it was fun to play together while we were actually at our own places (and to go sell your in-game-stuff and leave the pc on for the whole night, I was always so excited to see what I sold, haha). In Flyff you can fly through the sky, and the style was very colorful and cute.After Flyff, I also tried WoW, Guild Wars and LotrO, but they never did it as much for me as Fly For Fun!  ~ Gameplay video link

Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Me with my friend Sanne
having fun in AC:NL

Almost forgot this title in my list, can you believe that? Because I must have spent soooo many hourse on this. I think I played it almost for a year long? Maybe it's even the most casual game out there, since all you do is be social with animal-character villagers, redecorate your house and catch bugs and fish. Well, and you could also visit other people, which is cool because I could play with my friends! So yeah, I like AC:NL a lot. Too bad their Happy Home Designer game wasn't as good.  ~ Gameplay video link

Pokémon (Silver/ X&Y)
Just like a lot of people I totally fell for the Pokémon franchise when I was young, the combination of cute creatures, exploring worlds and some fighting action is awesome. The two first gens are close to my heart (and yeah I play Pokemon Go too ofcourse!), but I really liked the X&Y series too and the ones after that.  ~ Gameplay video link

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2
Back in the time when I still lived with my parents I got this as a present once and it was so much fun to create your own recreation park, design your own rollercoasters and look at visitors and such! I haven't played simulation games in a long while though, I wonder why.  ~ Gameplay video link

Stepmania / DDR

The first time I ever played this was on my first anime convention, back when cons were small en you knew a lot of people from forums and such. I was so excited to play DDR and then later on discovered that you can play it at home too, I bought a mat (that was relatively expensive for me, even though it was the cheapest one) and played Stepmania with all the anime music I could find. It was amazing, even though I'm probably the worst dancer out there :P.  ~ A short video about it.


This is probably my most-played game on Steam, while it is actually really simple I just enjoyed going through the dungeons and see what I could find and sell. The shop-part was definitely fun too ( the idea of succesfully selling stuff is quite rewarding and of course you had a bit of story-thing too. The dungeon-crawling reminds me of Disney's Magical World too, which I played (and the 2nd one) too.  ~ Gameplay video link

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth
Can't remember whenever I played a game on a TV-console for so long, but yeah I'm a big fan of the original Digimon (+ 02) TV series and of course I needed to try this game. Besides playing/fighting with Digimon, you also get a nice mystery story and some interesting chracters so I really recommend it! Also: it had an auto-fighting mode, perfect for lazy gamers like me who don't like grinding too much ^.~ !  ~ Gameplay video link

So these are some of the games I really liked playing. What kind of games do you play, or are you even a 'gamer' at all? Did you play some of these as well? I'm curious!

dinsdag 17 januari 2017

Japan plans - What to do?

In october 2015 my husband and I went to Japan for the first time and it was utterly a-ma-zing!
Choushi wa dou, Tokyo?
It was sooo impressive and awesome that we felt we needed to go another time. There are SO many things to see and do, even around Tokyo alone! So within some months we have a trip planned to Tokyo, yaaaaaay!

The last time I made a whole plan with a tight schedule, so we could see everything we wanted, this time maybe because we already saw some 'standard' stuff, we can have it a bit more easy (and have more time for shopping ;) ). I also blogged about it, but only in Dutch, so of course this time I'm going to do it in English here (maybe a bit shorter? I don't know, we'll see).

But to start things off, I thought: let's begin with thinking of what is 'left' and things we still want to do!

Parts of Tokyo

- Asakusa
With its big Sensoji temple and other shrines. And kabuki theater (thought Nick was interested in that). Also maybe go to the Tokyo Skytree somewhere around lunch, to have a nice sight by daylight!

- See Mt. Fuji
IF we can that is. We were in doubt if we should plan an overnight trip, but there is quite a chance that the weather won't be good and that you can't see it anyway. But..if a sunny day will come, we will get up early to see it either from the northern or eastern way.

- Chidori-ga-fuchi
Hey...a girl can have pink petal flowery dreams!

So hopefully we won't be too early to see cherry blossoms, but this would be a nice place to see some. And actually pretty close to our hotel!

- Roppongi (Hills)
Mostly because I just wanted to have seen it. Visit the Mori tower (and maybe the museums?) and apparently it's known for its foreign-friendly nightlife. On the other hand...it sounds like there is not a lot to see actually. So maybe only when we have time.

- Ginza
A posh part of the city, but I think we can go there for some shopping at Uniqlo (Nick discovered this shop in London and thought it was awesome) and Tokyu Plaza and then maybe go to Gadoshita restaurants around Yurakucho afterwards, for a bite. But it would be just a a part of a day since again: not much to really see.

- Koishikawa Korakuen garden
Said to be the best Japanese landscape garden and pretty to visit during the time we are there.


- Karaoke
Why haven't we done this yet in Japan? Why? I don't know.

- Purikura

I will just drag Nick with me into a booth, need to try it at least once right. 

- Onsen Monogatari
Well, if you want a hot spring experience, why not go for a whole themepark to start with. Besides the spa-thing you can walk around in a Yukata and do tradition festival stuff. Yessss!

- Disneyland
Disney is different in Japan, because 'cute' is normal there so that means that there are lots of things even for older Disney fans to buy and see. And from Rosalynn's blog it seems like an amazing place, so I really want to go.

- Sanrio Puroland
Home of the Sanrio characters... I can't wait to see all the pastel cute stuff <3 (or maybe there are some Aggretsuko things there then >:3 !). Although it doesn't have the best reviews, I still hope to have a good time here, but yeah I'm still a bit in doubt.

- Joypolis
An attraction park on Odaiba, where Nick really wanted to go last time. It's quite pricey though and doesn't seem very big to me. BUT it does have a lot of interactive rides and VR/game stuff so I guess we have to go. It is cheaper at night though, yay.

- Wearing lolita
I almost forgot this, but I really want to do it this time, so sorry suitcase but you're going to have to put up with a petticoat!

Restaurants & Food

- Eat Dorayaki.
After the movie 'An' (Red bean paste), we really need to try. Even though anko is not my fav.

- Eat at a Yakiniku place
Looks yummy!

I come from a barbecue family, what can I say...next to that it IS kinda cool to just have a grill on your own table right.

- Shinkansen Sushi
No not a conveyerbelt, but the restaurants with an iPad and a platform that delivers it on a rail directly to your nose like a train. Choo choo! Too bad the one on Odaiba isn't there anymore, but there are other ones such as Genki Sushi and Uobei Shibuya.

- Maid Cafe
Didn't go to one last time because Nick said it was too expensive, but yeah there aren't any maid-cafe's such as in Akihabara so I sure need to go, it must be fun right?! Do you have recommendations?

- Kawaii Monster Café
The famous crazy colored cafe I obviously need to see while in Harajuku

- Kotori Cafe (or other animal cafe?)
So I've heard of this bird cafe in Omotesando. I love birds, but can't have one because Nick is supposedly allergic to feathers (and it's just too inconvenient anyway). But yes, cafe with birds? Hell yeah!  But then again...there are some other cafe's as well, haven't been to a cat cafe in Tokyo either.


- Tsukiji Fish Market
Nick really was curious for this, however you have to get up super-early to see lots of dead fish, so that doesn't really sound attractive to me.

- Kamakura
The Kyoto-of-the-east with tons of temples and all of that. Maybe if we feel like seeing something else than concrete and buildings we might go there, it's only an hour from Tokyo anyway.

Going there again

No question: we are obviously going to Akihabara, Nakano Broadway, Harajuku, Shibuya and Shinjuku again. Shoppiiiiing!
And also that Tokyo Government building restaurant which I still can't understand of why it was so silent. Having dinner with a tokyo-by-night view...who doesn't want that?
Also: arcades. Yep.

So next blog will be about 'what to buy?' , because you never know if this is the last time you'll be there..and also it's just a lot cheaper than ordering, that why some planning might be useful ...and fun!

Do you have some other recommendations? Let me know :). Thanks for reading, see ya!

zaterdag 14 januari 2017

All the details

Last year I wrote a whole wardrobe post, like lots of lolita's do in January along the traditions of Livejournals EGL community. And though I have acquired more dresses and items and sold quite a bit as well, I did not really feel the need to make a post, I take and keep pictures of all my main items on my Facebook anyway. So for this month I thought: why not make some pictures of the details that I like.

The lace on the Friend Kumya-chan is very detailed and precious-looking.

The scenes on Little Bear's Cafe are soooo adorable!

Lace might be a staple of lolita fashion, but it still is a dear thing to see.

Fluffy wintery bunny <3

I kinda like this bow, the smooth fabric makes it even more popping.

The print on Fairy Tale jsk of Metamorphose Temps de Fille seems actually like it is telling a story.

Although the pancake-unicorn takes the stage on this Econeco-print-dress,
I really think this elephant is outstanding as well.

This little mouse loves watching snow I guess.
(From my self-designed/made Snowy Day jsk)

I really like the front of the Sugar Pansy jsk and its flat folded bow.

Nothing wrong with lots of shiny bows ^_^ !
This lace is getting signs of age, but at least it is used for lots of great times.

Two sweet houses of a wicked witch

Such cuddly bears...and did you see that glittery gold?

Everybody likes the stroopwafels, but I'm more of a speculaas person in general.
(My handmade/drawn Dutch Sweet Tea jsk)

Even though I don't feel like wearing this jsk a lot
I am still a bit proud of my paintings and design!

Shiny little bubble beads.

And the last one: a happy bear at christmas on his cute scooter.
Are you doing a wardrobe post this year? do you enjoy all the details on the garments as much as well? What is your favourite? Let me know!

vrijdag 6 januari 2017

Hello 2017 Kitty high tea

Yesterday I went to a very nice restaurant with some other lolita girls to enjoy a special Hello Kitty high tea! At SET Genki Tei in The Hague (Den Haag), which is a Japanese restaurant with a café next to it. The interior looks very Japanese as well, they even have lower tables and had Ema (wooden wishing plaques) hanging (even though it is not a shrine?). It's a very nice authentic athmosphere and they offer a big variety of Japanese dishes.
(photo from the SET website)
In the restaurant we were placed on two joined tables where one was the half that ordered a Hello Kitty high tea and the other half rather ordered a la carte. Because we already reserved beforehand, the high tea items were instantly ready, while the other girls had to wait a bit for their food. But of course we had lots of fun chatting and catching up with eachother so time went by fast.

The Hello Kitty High Tea consists of sushi, toast (with jam on the side), cheesecake, puff pastry filled with anko (Japanese red bean paste), chocolate bon bons and cookies. Oh yeah, and unlimited tea. And except for the sushi and puff pastry, everything was Hello Kitty shaped/themed! I'm sorry though that I could not take perfect pictures, the light was very dimmed and quite orange so even editing the photos was hard.

So as you can see even the plates, cups and tea pot were themed, so cute! And I have to say, everything was tasty as well. I especially liked the cheesecake, instead of having cake under the creamy part, there is soft cake within the kitty this time, a nice surprise.
The cheesecake kitty before 'murdered' and eaten ;).
After having filled ourselves with all the delicious and pretty food and drinks, we went outside to take some pictures next to a nearby church. However I already let my husband take a picture of my outfit before I went off that morning. Because I have to travel for a long time, I'm always afraid that my outfit is a bit messed up after a meet, and it was a bit cold too so I skipped that part and just enjoyed the others having photo-and-selfie-fun. But here was my coordination:
Coord rundown:
Jsk: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Bolero: handmade
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Socks & shoes: Bodyline
Heart bracelet: Hema
Ferret-plushies: Amuse
Rest is offbrand
Though I had not a Hello Kitty themed thing in my wardrobe, nor any cats anymore actually (hm, sad, I hope someday I can bring them back, I'm still after the Whimsical Vanilla-chan tiered jsk, not so into the 'modern' AP cats)
I opted for other cute creatures with my Friend Kumya-chan JSK. I am happy I have not sold this after all, it looks a lot better when matched with something colored on top, I only removed the bows on the straps/top so I could wear a bolero over it. For my head I opted for my white pom poms again, but this time with a longer ribbon-bow and I wore the fluffy dangling earrings too to make it extra fluffy-snowy-looking.
It was also the first time I wore these Bodyline socks, they are just a tiny bit too short so they fall under my knees when I'm walking for a longer time, but they look cute with those polka dots and lace nonetheless. Bringing the ferret-plushies in my new bag was fun too!

Anyway, we had a great afternoon! I'm glad I could enjoy the Hello Kitty high tea with lovely lolita friends ♥.  And haha I'll try to start eating healthy again from coming week on, but that's obviously a lot easier when you have a lot to do and not like a thousand holiday celebrations ;) but it was a great start of 2017!