Here is a list of everything that I made and designed myself over the years when it comes to lolita fashion or alike. As you might know I owned an indie brand called Risu Rose for a while and some dresses such as Ursa Major, Bubble Jelly Sea and Lucky Star Dreamland were open to order by release. Other dresses I did just make for selling purposes as well, next to several accessories.
I stopped with Risu Rose because it wasn't profitable in the end, thought it was a lot of fun to do.

Main pieces

Bubble Balloon Sky jsk, made the print myself too!

Dutch Sweet Tea jsk, designed the print myself too!

Bubble Jelly Sea, fabric also designed by me
Lucky Star Dreamland jsk,
designed the fabric myself too.
Also made in yellow (which is for sale)

Sweet Celebration jsk - sold at Risu Rose

I <3 Donuts skirt (Fairy Kei style)

Minty Bear Treat JSK. Fabric was from Japan.
Worn it a while then sold it

Alice's Things tiered jsk,
(w Japanese fabric)sold at Risu Rose

Alice Golden Cameo jsk, sold at Risu Rose
Sunny Forest JSK, designed the fabric myself
Spring Bunny Hearts with fabric from Japan

Econeco Animal Parade jsk,
with fabric from Econeco

Le Delicé JSK, for sale!

Sweet Patisserie JSK (my first one!)

Petit Lapin jsk (w Japanese fabric), sold at Risu Rose
Reine des Roses jsk, sold at Risu Rose
Rose Ribbon JSK, sold at Risu Rose
Tea and Cards jsk, sold

Snowy Day JSK, fabric also designed by me.

Very Teddy Christmas JSK + blouse
for the Very Merry Christmas Tea Party
at Summer Tales Boutique.

Ursa Major jsk, handpainted the fabric myself.
The mouse family's christmas house. Made for christmas
at my parents in 2016.
Through The Witch's Window jsk
handpainted and designed the fabric myself!
Sold it later on.

Strawberry bear picnic skirt
Autumn Fairy skirt
Catd & Dots skirt, with fabric from Japan. Sold it later on.
Winter Animals skirt


Obviously I made some matching accessories, so some bows and other items are missing here.
Headband plus handmade resin ocean jellyfish clip

Decorated hat
Witch hat from felt with chiffon bow

Bracelet with pieces from Taobao

Bracelet with charms from Ebay

Pendant with fake cream and decoration

Simple folded bow

Necklace with self-designed bunny pendant

Brooch made to sell for Risu Rose

Bunny Ears to sell for Risu Rose

Bat Bows for Risu Rose

Wristcuffs to match Lucky Star Dreamland jsk
Self-designed brooch

Self-designed brooch to sell for Risu Rose

Star Bracelet

Headdress for easter coord
Starry cream veil/fall

Roundpiece with bunny lace

Self-designed brooch

Necklace with ribbon roses

Accessories for matching the
Through The Witch's Window jsk
Snowglow Headdress,
the snowflake lights up

Bear Ears headbands for Risu Rose

Earrings for Risu Rose

Star bottle necklaces for Risu Rose

Shell and Starfish clip for Risu Rose
Decoden Phonecase

Rosette for Le Delicé jsk

Hat for Econeco jsk

Folded bow with beads
Unicorn brooch, self-designed

Milky Berry wristcuffs 

Starry Wristcuffs for giveaway at Behind the Mask

Classic wristcuffs for commission

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