vrijdag 2 december 2016

Lolita Survey

When I saw others posting this on Facebook, it felt like fun to do so here is a short lolita survey/question list!

1) Do you still have your first Lolita piece?

The first piece I bought (and not made myself): No. It was the Chocoberry jsk in light-green from Bodyline. I wore it once and then sold it pretty fast because I did not like the color-combo at all on me.The first piece I sewn myself I still have, though I changed it into a skirt.

2) What is the oldest piece in your wardrobe?

Release-year-wise it it Friend Kumya-chan Judy jsk which is from 2009. All brand piece I have are from 2009-2013, apparently some good years for my taste. Nowadays there isn't a lot released that I really like.

3) What is the newest piece in your wardrobe?

For a main piece, it's the skirts I have sewn myself, all finished them last month or so.
Or release-year-brand-wise it is Sweets Hexenhaus from 2013. Accidentally enough also the last brand-piece I bought.

4) What is your cheapest main piece?

The skirts were definitely cheap, about 9 euro each material wise, but yeah then I am not counting the hours and effort that went into it. Brand-dress wise it was Kumya-chan Judy jsk as well. It was about 100 euro including shipping I think. For most 'normal' people that must still sound expensive though, hihi.

5) What is your most expensive main piece?

Twinkle Constellation and the Stars of Confeito JSK. It was well above $200 *blush*. Eh yeah I know it's expensive for a 2nd-hand piece, but I could not find this thing (in the right cut/color) for the love of it. But gosh it is SO worth its price, so many supercute details on the print, no regrets!!
I know some people can wait years for things to drop in price, but my thought is: in some years who knows I might not love the fashion as much anymore, wear (and buy) it while you can ;). The thought that it is re-sellable (even though dropped in value) also makes it a bit better to me.

6) What is your favorite item?

Little Bear's Cafe is my favourite, although it is really hard to choose! The soft-sweet cookie-colors mixed with happy pink and cute bears and squirrels and yummy food is just absolutely 100% my taste! Also: the fabric is warm and thick, so quality-wise it's really nice.
I have love-loved Squirrel Party (yes, from Bodyline) for a while too, but I got it in a mirrored print and after a while I did not like the bodice-part anymore, so after a while the love was over :P.

7) Which item do you wear most?

Main pieces: Milky Berry & Little Bear's Cafe are on the top with both worn 4 times and after that my handmade Dutch Sweet Tea and Ursa Major jsk: both 3 times.

But I think I wear my white and pink Angelic Pretty blouses the most really, that or my pink shoes.

8) Which item do you wear least?

I wore most of the skirts just once yet. I am also selling one at the moment, even though I won it with a fashion contest it was after all not my taste (classic just doesn't suit me I guess).

9) Anything you haven't worn yet?

I just got a blouse and bolero last week that I haven't worn yet. But I wore all my main pieces yes. I am probably also not the person to keep something in my wardrobe too long if (for any reason) I won't wear it..I would just sell it again.

10) What is missing from your wardrobe? 

The sax OTK's from the Marshmallow Bunny set, some navy or white OTK's or tights that match the Stars of Confeito jsk (so yes with stars).
And maaaaybe another dress with some red in it so I can match that red-heart-bag with it. I have already sketches ready for that (fabric)design, haha!
Also missing, or at least something I would love to have are white platform boots, I would really love to have this for a coord with Marshmallow bunny. I'm saving up for it, and hopefully with my new job it's not too long before I have some.
And.. I also don't have a bonnet and would really like try one on. I found a perfect matching one last summer, but it wasn't the right price sadly.
Lol, so I stopped buying main-pieces but I need more other stuff to finish coords!

11) When will your wardrobe be complete?

Dream-dress wise it is already 'complete', I am superhappy and satisfied with everything that I have ^o^! But yeah, is there such a thing as a complete wardrobe? People change over time, so might I...
But yeah, the items above would make the coords a bit better, so I guess that is when it feels more complete. It is sort-of-funny that it was first more like collecting, and now it feels more like: if I like something I could buy it. But there aren't a lot of dresses I really like at the moment.

12) What was the last Lolita item that you sold or threw away?

By now, that skirt I was selling is sold (haha, yay), so that is the last one. Throwing away items? Hmmm I don't know if I would do that. Giving away might be better :)! (but yeah if you have socks with holes in them or something, I'd throw that away I guess).

13) How many OPS do you have?

Only one! I'd love to have one OP with long sleeves though. Short sleeves aren't super-useful here unless it's summer. Although I could wear something under or over it I guess..

14) How many JSKs do you have?

Seventeen if I'm correct. Of which 8 are handmade by me!

15) How many skirts do you have?

Four. I wasn't so much into skirts, but they are great for casual wear, even without a petticoat (haha oh no what a sin). And they are also a bit cheaper and easier to make so that's why I made some more last year.

16) How many petticoats do you have?

Four. One older white bell-shaped one from Classical Puppets, one new white one from Bunny House, a black one for under darker dresses and an A-line I won at a Summer Tales Boutique tea-party! I'm not using the A-line though at all..so I am thinking of selling it..but I am hesitating..because I won it and maybe I will use it once? Not sure yet.

17) What do you plan to buy next?

Probably those missing items from question #10 :P. I really want white boots!

18) When you first started wearing Lolita what did you want your wardrobe to be like?

Really I had no idea, I did not have a lot of money yet and was not 'dreaming' of a whole wardrobe. Then when I started to make a wish/dream-list it started with lots of super-sweet dreamy dresses like Dream Fantasy & Toy Fantasy from AP and then later on, I started liking some floral and/or detailed but a bit less-colorful prints too, with a bit of a sweet-but-mature vibe (or well..that's how I see it).

19) What is your wardrobe currently like?

Exactly like a mix of what I liked before: super-sweet-stuff mixed with detailed prints that are a bit less 'out there'. It's great to have some variation, because you can choose to wear something you feel like that day or suits a theme better.

20) What would you like your wardrobe to be like in the future?

Hmm, I don't know how many more main pieces I will buy, I am not the kind of lolita that says "never enough". I could imagine that if I would buy more things,  it would be with more darker/jewel-tones but still with sweet prints. Like dark-red/wine, navy, brown etc.
But I can also see myself wearing Otome a bit more, with dresses or skirts that can be worn more casually but still are fun print-wise. And a bit of a secret between us: I did start a "maybe-some-day-I-can-have-this dresses list with things I love, again. Because well, it's not like I stop liking this lovely cute fashion for now ^^ !

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