woensdag 9 november 2016

The lolita closet

Last April we moved to another house, a place with lots more space and thus I could think -from scratch- of how I would store my clothes. What kind of closet would work, in combination with my lolita clothes?

In our former apartment there were built-in closets which was convenient for extra storage, next to the Ikea closet we already had. It was great for storing all my dresses in a save, closed space. But unfortunately there weren't shelves under it to store all the shoes and bags too in that same closet. So I kept my shoes and bags in another room. I always had to walk between the different rooms to get all the items to make my coordinations, which was not so convenient.

Luckily at Ikea (and probably some other stores) you can arrange/organise your own closet the way you like. In our new home we decided to have a separate room for our clothes ♥ hooray (what a luxury)! It was so nice that everything could be at the same place! So we bought a big closet to put in the room. Of course one part is for my husband (we have the same amount of closet-space by the way), but the other part is totally mine.

So what is a smart way to arrange your closet so everything can be in the same section?
I decided that the dresses and blouses would need to hang at eye level, and reachable (I'm not the longest person so some ready-made-closets have rails that are too high).
And below the dresses would be space for everything else. You can see on the photo left how it looks now.

As you can see I have a small space below the dresses and under that are 3 drawers. In the top drawer are my headbows, wristcuffs and some jewelry. Under that is the drawer with my bags. Last time I bought bags they didn't fit -all- in there anymore, so I moved some of the ones I don't use as much anymore to my other closet-part or upstairs.
Then the last drawer is full of shoes. I'm so glad that 4 x 2 pairs precisely fit in there.
I love these drawers, I don't have to worry about getting dust on anything and it's all neatly organised.

You might have noticed that my dresses and blouses are mixed. Sometimes I put a blouse on top of a dress on the same hanger, it takes up less space that way and it's also a way to put things that match together. I usually iron them anyway before I put on a garment so it's not much of a problem if they get a bit wrinkled (luckily it doesn't happen too much anyway).

 Another thing is that my socks are hanging between there as well!
For my socks I use an big accessory hanger with those big circles, the socks easily go through the circles and take up less space then they would in a drawer I think. It looks less neat though maybe.

Then where to keep the petticoats? Well next to the closet was a space where a small tall shoe-rack fitted, I use that rack to squish my petticoats in and on top are some of my boots. Before I kept my petticoats in a plastic box but it was always hard to close the box, haha. And this way they also get some fresh air ;).

I don't keep my skirts in here though, well..there isn't a lot of space left anyway and I don't wear my skirts that often so they just go in my other closet-part with the normal skirts.
As for smaller accessories, I keep them on a pin-board on the wall, so I can easily browse them and put things on while I stand in front of the mirror.

I'm pretty happy with how it works right now, even though this is not a super-cute or pretty closet, it's very practical, especially in combination with the room and the other closet-parts next to it. Let's just hope that I won't need any more than this, but I think if it won't fit anymore I might get rid of or move some items again if needed.
Some bags and things upstairs in my work-room, they look cute enough to use as decoration don't you think?
How is your closet arranged? Do you have a supercute space only for your lolita things or is everything just among your other clothes? Do you keep your accessories in drawers or is everything exposed on your walls? Let me know, I'm very curious!
Thanks for reading and see you again!

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