woensdag 2 november 2016

Bunny House Petticoat Review

Some months ago I ordered a new petticoat. My 'old' Classical Puppets petticoat wasn't just that poofy anymore and I decided to buy a new one. I saw some good things about the ones from Bunny House, which is a Vietnamese business. I decided to try that one out.


Bunny House does not have their own website, they use their Facebook page for all their information. The description of the photos there describe how you can order it. They use a Google form for their orders.
It is custom made for you, so you can choose your own preferred size (within certain limits of course). Which is great, I could now choose to let it be made a tiny bit shorter ( because my waistline is a bit lower than most waists of my dresses).
I ordered their "super large white bell-shaped petticoat" on September 15, got a payment request the next day and got a mail that it was sent out (including tracking code) on October 6th, so that costed them only less than 3 weeks to make and send, which is super-reasonable especially seeing as I ordered it during a sale.


The petticoat itself is made from shiny organza fabric. It has about 4 layers on top that spread out in several more tiers of double layers.
First, I wasn't so sure if I should order large or super large size. If I think about 'super large' I think of the petti's Angelic Pretty use for their Japanese shows or something, but in fact this Bunny House petticoat isn't super-duper large. It's more like the right size, spreading out the fabric of my dresses nicely. But I don't feel like it's too much at all, so if you are a wearer of sweet lolita and need some cute happy poof then go for the Super Large size.
Something that didn't make me super-happy was that there isn't a layer of cotton (or any soft fabric) between the most inner layer and your legs. They did use a sort of opaque-polyester fabric, but it isn't very soft and I still felt the organza fabric around my legs when I walked around. That same polyester fabric is also used for the waistband, which I wonder how it will feel if it would be directly on your skin for a day. I usually tuck my blouse or top/shirt in it so to prevent that but yeah that can stretch out sometimes.

Let's hope it can survive more train-traveling and chair-sitting than the Classical Puppets one though. Honestly I did not expect it to be deflated as fast, I only have it for 1,5 years and I think maybe wear it for 1,5-2 days a month or so? Most of the meets I go to are about 2 hours travelling away though, so I also have an extra 'sit' on it besides the meets themselves. I would not recommend Classical Puppets for daily wear, but with that many layers I think the Bunny House one must live a bit longer.

I also made a short video about it so you can see some things upclose. I hope you find it useful if you every plan on buying a new petticoat! What kind of petti(s) do you wear and are you happy with it?

Thanks for reading, if you have questions or things to share or anything then please let me know in a comment below! See ya!

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  1. Hello!! I like your post it's a beautiful petticoat. You have a pretty blog :)

    1. Hi, thank you so much for the compliment and comment, I really appreciate it!