vrijdag 30 december 2016

My lolita-year 2016

Just like last year I thought it was a nice idea to sum up all what happened in this year (mostly lolita fashion wise), great or not, but things that are good to remember :).

In January I didn't do a lot mention-worthy besides working on illustrations for a book, participating in the Global Game Jam and ordering fabric for the dress I planned for Under The Sea. Unfortunately, the fabric turned out way darker than the actual image and the (Dutch) manifacturer would not give me my money back.It was also the month I made a new necklace, but it did not sell so after some time I decided I would just keep it myself. And finally I also sold the last Ursa Major jumperskirt, which made me so happy. But ofcourse I am always happy when someone buys something I made <3.

This second month I started out making a new fabric print design, but decided it wasn't original enough to go through with. This happens sometimes, and I guess maybe that disappoints people but sometimes a designer just has to shove ideas away if they're not good enough.
Some details of Twinkle Constellations
And The Stars Of Confeito JSK
Then exactly on valentines day I found one of my dreamdresses (in the right cut!) for sale and bought it. I had a talk with my husband about it though, but in the end I could buy it. If that ain't true love, eh ;) (yeah, love doesn't come always that easy really, it's not like dresses are cheap :P ).

At the end of the month I organized a meet at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, there was an exhibition about fashion through the ages that I loved to see and thought it was a great idea to go with more lolitas. What happened though is that there was such a large group that it was unevitable that we split up after some time. And also..the exhibition (and some other ones) was so popular that the museum was incredibly crowded. And whenever a large group of lolitas moves through a big

The big group at the Rijksmuseum <3 !
crowd, you know there are lots of people going to ask what you are wearing and why. Or, you know, if you are part of an exhibition or something :/ . So...that wasn't so great...I guess that big museums are just not a perfect location for a meet-up during weekends unless you can 'handle' it. And after the meet it was kinda hard to find a location to get a drink for all of us.... But in the end I guess it worked out, and it was something worthy remembering and I did have a lot of fun :) (but I guess I learned something.. :) ).

The first day of March I made some yummy-looking bracelets, I'm still happy with them :) they remind me of delicious pastries at nice 'boulangeries' (it's still available at Risu Rose!) During this month I received both the Twinkle Constellation jsk and the My Friend Kumya-chan-JSK. The latter one I wore for Osharecon later that month. It's such a nice dress for Spring so I can't wait to wear it for another time (even when I tried to sell it for some time) <3 .

I also went to the local new cat café in my cat-and-dots skirt and..well..the cafe was a little disappointing but wearing the skirt was fun. Sometimes I'm so glad that
The Bubble Jelly Sea jsk
it makes other people happy as well when they see people wearing lolita (I mean: not just me, but just 'people whatever they like' in general! Oh, I forgot but I decided around that time to to cut my hair and have bangs, so happy with that choice even when they don't show up perfectly 90% of the time :P.

Then at the end of the month new fabric came in for the Bubble Jelly Sea jsk that I started to make and also finished this March.

The first week of April we moved to a new house: our very first own house. It was a lot of work but I'm so happy we have such a nice (and huge) place. I also had quite some fun buying new stuff for the interior ^^ ! The rest of the month was filled with more 'getting used' to the house..I tried out our new oven and baked some cute donuts!

Awkwardly posing
with Kimura Yu at UtS!
The first day, me and my husband went to a game- & computermuseum, and I went in lolita... it was a wonderful sunny day! A week later was Under The Sea, the biggest lolita event The Netherlands has ever seen (I think)! It was so much fun and everyone looked so gooood, I wish it would've lasted even longer but yeah it was amazing. This made me want to attend more of these kinds of events for sure!
So many things happened in May: I got interviewed with a friend about lolita fashion, and I held a tea party at my house (my version of a house-warming ;) ). and I went to an alternative fashion event to sell for Risu Rose with my best friend. And I scored the Marshmellow Bunny jsk from Angelic Pretty, one of my dream dresses...What a great month!!

Twin picknick!

Ah sweet summer was here, time for flowers and barbecues. I started working on my Bubble Balloon Sky jsk and also on a dress that just didn't go well so I won't show you XD . We celebrated my husbands birthday and later in June I went to the lolita Twin meet Picknick, which was another lovely sunny afternoon full of fun with fantastic lolita friends. Some days later I got to be part of a Youtube-show (an episode about Lolita Fashion). And then at the end of the month we celebrated my parent's 40-years-anniversary.

Pretty shiny Versailles
Summer-vacation: we finally went to Paris! I attended the opening of the new Angelic Pretty shop and we went to the HUGE Japan Expo and to amazing and stunning Versailles <3.
I bought a parasol/umbrella at Baby The Stars Shine Bright and tried the yummy Princess Crepe. Hmm maybe I'm going again one day :).The summer-meet of BAGGER (the local anime club) was great as well. This month I started working on another dress with my own design.
Aaand..I bought another jumperskirt, because, YES, I finally found the Fairy Tale jsk in lavender from Metamorphose, the print is so gorgeous, I love it!
At the end of the month my friend and I organized another party at my home, this time it was Animal Crossing themed, we had a great time :).

There was a Harry Potter themed lolita meet in Amsterdam, including an amazing high tea. During the second week there were meteor showers and my husband and I had a romantic time reminiscing about the time we first met together <3. Another romantic thing is that we attended a beautiful wedding of a friend, it was so dreamy!Then we did some work around the house and I worked further on the Lucky Star Dreamland jsk that I reserved for a big lolita event in London:

Wicked and Whimsy, where I planned to not only sell for Risu Rose but also show the latest designs. It was an awesome experience, being around major designers and lovely crowds. And also, being in London again, this time during the summer was also very great, we had such a wonderful time, I think maybe London might be my third favourite city in the world ;).

The vacation so packed full of happy events that it was a bit hard to get to work again, but we all know that feeling I think. At least we still had some nice things happening:I celebrated the 10-year-anniversary of my husband and me being together :3 ten year went so fast!
Then I also organized a lolita meet to a famous Dutch palace and even felt a bit like a princess, wandering around there with other beautiful lolita's.
September was also the month a made a video for my new youtube-channel. It was very exciting! I hope I can make more in the future, but it's also a lot of work so I'm afraid I can't promise anything ^^;.

Another lolita meet, but this time in my own city (and not organized by me): a visit to the cat café. Too bad I did not really feel too good so I couldn't stay long, but it was nice meeting some more local lolita's that I had not met yet before.
And at 'last' I received the wonderful and cute Welcome To The Sweets Hexenhaus (Ribbon) jumperskirt from Baby The Stars Shine Bright and wrote a blogpost about it.

Furthermore, I bought some nice fabrics at the fabric fair and used one of them for a skirt I wore a week later to meet up with a friend.Also in October was the swap&sell-meet at Summer Tales Boutique, which was really popular, lots of lolita's were there and I even met some new people, it was great! It was also the first time I wore the Lucky Star Dreamland jsk, which made me very happy.
At the end of this eventful month, I was invited to a superduper-cute birthday party by some lolita friends, which still makes me smile ^_^ (I mean look at some of the party items on the left, doesn't that make you happy?)!

The 4th of november was my birthday but because last month was so busy, I did not plan anything big. But also because the week after that we already had something planned: a dinner together and a party somewhere else afterwards and I wore lolita then :).
One of the bolero's I made.
I got a new petticoat and reviewed it, and I sew myself some new fluffy bolero's to wear during colder times.
My husband and I planned some nice things to do, but before that I got another chance to meet up with some lolita friends again, I'm so happy I could do that, I hope I can continue meeting people in the next year, even when I got a new job now. Also: I finished sewing some skirts and went with my husband to a Christmas fair to get into the december holiday mood!

This month might usually be my favourite, but this year the other months were great as well, event-wise, so I don't think it's the winner this year. But that does not mean it's a bad month! I had a great time going to Utrecht again in total christmas-mode. It was lovely to set up the tree in our (still relatively new) house. We met with family again, sometimes I miss them a bit so even when you don't have a lot together anymore it's just nice to be with each other I think.
And then Christmas came, lots of days of festivities and great times...but I have to say after this I'm quite a bit tired and it's great to curl up on the coach and have time for myself again.
The end of 2016 is near. I know haven't said a lot about all the bad things that happened but I'm not forgetting that, but let's just say I'm looking forward to a new year because of that too, the world needs to become a better place with more positivity and strength. A year in which I probably focus more on my new job and develop my art-skills a bit further and where we will go to Japan again!

But I'm so lucky with all that happened in 2016 as well, I'm very grateful for it, so thanks for being a part of it <3.
How was your year? Did everything worked out as planned or were there surprises? What do you hope for the future? Let me know :) I'm always curious. For now I wish you a very happy and wonderful 2017!!

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  1. It certainly looks like you've had a great year with lots of fun meets, creative moments and enjoyment out of the fashion. For me 2016 was definitely about Lolita and having seen how many people on my Facebook are happy to see it go because it wasn't as good for them, I'm grateful that for me it was pretty alright, no major personal downsides or anything. Oh, and I totally didn't realise that you're the owner of Risu Rose - I bought a necklace and a ring from you at Wicked and Whimsy and I love them both! <3

    Here's to an even better and frillier 2017! :D


    1. I'm happy that you'll continue the fashion and it wasn't bad for you! Ah I'm happy that you wanted to buy something from Risu Rose! Unfortunately, because of my new job I won't have time for Risu Rose anymore though, it's not really a good long-term-careeer option, though it was fun to do.
      Hope you have a super-duper-great-2017 too ^_^ thanks <3 !