zondag 3 december 2017

Christmas 2017 blog #1: The decorations

Hi folks,

I promised to make some christmas related posts, so here is the first one! Did you put your tree up already? We already did more than a week ago, and before that, early november we already went to our garden center where they always have a pretty christmas show. It wasn't totally finished by then, but it was very pretty none-the-less!

Have a look:
Ok, I have to say it looked more bridal than christmas, but the horses and carriage look amazingly dreamy!

In the next room was an old car filled with christmas villages, what an amazing idea, and details everywhere!

What a cute nice tree!

Of course had to take a picture of the tea room! As you can see the skating figures moved around.

This wasn't totally finished yet but the big toy soldier looked amazing against these classic christmas colors!
I think I love red gold and green the most when it comes to a real christmas feel.

This was the more modern room, but also not yet finished. They sold all kinds of pink, white and pastel things in here

These penguins were dancing (or maybe really just trying to get warm?). So cute and fluffy!

Our Tree

Okay, so last year we bought a fake tree, a pretty nice one actually, besides being from a environment-friendly material it also looks pretty realistic, I'm only missing the pine smell.
And we had already some decorations from years before. Last year we bought very colorful decorations, this year I wanted a bit more of a traditional feeling, but yeah with all kinds of baubles and things it still looks a bit chaotic probably :P. But I love all the unique ornaments so I wanted to share it with you!
No christmas without an old cute candy cane!

Fell in love with these clock-ornaments the first time I saw them, I like extra dangling elements!
This polar bear really looks enthusiastic don't you think?

This doggy looked so cute, Is that a candy cane in its mouth?
Nick choose this sparkling tree-carrying bear, makes you wonder where he is going!

A whimsical bauble, I really liked the fluffy detail on santa!

Something kitschy and cute, sparkly ice cream cone!
And more food, haha donuts are so nice :P.

I loved this golden bauble, looks very festive. And that cute birdy probably loves it too!

Another choice from my husband, a tiny wintery bird.

Totally giving me the warm christmas feels!
You don't really see it, but this bauble is 100% sparkly!

A cute small dear, not hanging in our tree but definitely worth a mention.

This penguin looks like he's ready to slide in the snow.
More wintery bauble.

 So those are our new christmas ornaments, which one do you like the most? I think the clock and the red-reindeer-bauble are my favourite. Did you also buy new decoration or are you still waiting to set up the tree?

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