maandag 11 december 2017

Christmas 2017 blog #2: Two december coords

Baby it's cold outside,  it sure's snowing at the moment I'm writing this! The second christmas post this year is of course reserved for new lolita coords. This year I took my time to plan some things out, search for materials to craft new accessories and I'm pretty happy with what it ended up looking like.

A song for the starry sky

It's been a while since I've worn this jsk I made myself some years ago. I always matched it with black, so I definitely wanted something different. Then I found this chiffon with golden star/constellation print on it. It actually features the zodiac signs, I loved it! The combination of navy and beige + gold gives it almost a sort of sacred feel, which I think matches the christmas theme pretty well don't you think?.

Snowflake shimmer

We have some snowy days and what better opportunity could you get to wear Sugar Dream Dome. I wore a sax blouse from AP and my handmade bolero. It's also the first time I'm wearing these glitter otks from Btssb. Too bad they are so short though, there is very minimal stretch in it, but I love the shimmery effect and the flowy ribbon print of it. I wore some fuzzy legwarmers with it, since yes it is pretty cold, bought these ones some years ago at Kansai Airport with the last yens we carried. The rings and collar I made myself.

Some weeks ago I came across this snowflake in a cheap store and thought I could corporate it into a coord-accessory. So I made this headdress with it...too bad that the lace was tucked in when I took that's why I made some extra pics for the details. The snowflake can light up and the colored light changes slowly <3.

Well, I actually also made a matching pendant for a necklace, but the uv resin is still not cured after some weeks...we definitely lack some sunshine and I put a better uv-lamp on my christmas wishlist so I really hope to get and finish that during the holiday.
Do you have any new coords planned for the christmas festivities? I'd love to see them!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Ohmygosh, that unicorn ring is beautiful! I want one in blue or white <3
    I really like both outfits you've put together, although as a person who's not really into pink and very much into navy somehow I still find myself liking the Sugar Dream Dome outfit more. Bizarre, I know. Although I guess it just has a lot more detail and the more you look at the coord, the more of that detail you see.

  2. Aw thank you, I made (and sold) that ring some years ago ^_^ . And hihi well I'm glad you like the details of it ...I can relate, I really love watching the print and what people wear with it, last year I've definitely got into that a bit more...I don't know if I could call it OTT, but some more detail to an outfit just makes it interesting!

  3. Oh I love that first outfit, it's absolutely stunning!