donderdag 28 december 2017

Christmas 2017 blog #4: Merry days

Oh no, I'm late with the last christmas blogpost, but that is what happens when you only have three days left between the last day of work and christmas itself and then have three days full of stuff to do. Since my husbands family is coming to us (instead of celebrating at his moms house), we spend a lot of time planning dinner(s), buying groceries and shopping for the last gifts, and then some time recharging from all the social activities. So yeah that's why I'm a bit late.

A week earlier
 we visited my family, where we planned a potluck dinner and a nice fire outside where my brothers warmed some gluhwein. It was a nice opportunity to wear the tartan love jsk. A simple coord though, since going outside and walking on grass and such is always the case around my parents house. That's why the day after I took a picture of the coord I actually had in mind with it.

I know it might not be very original, but I just always wanted to wear a coord with a tartan print like this for christmas, I'm happy that I could! The bracelet I've assembled myself with some charms I bought of Ebay, the brooch is also from there and the bells in my hair are bought at the home/garden-store. I also wore the constellation tights with it that I bought from AliExpress (actually probably just TaoBao indie brand).

Later that week I joined multiple work/office-christmas-gatherings and time went by fast. I wore my 'Very Teddy Christmas' jsk to one of them in a casual manner again, so some days later it was time for a very costumey outfit with it. My 'apologies' for those purists out there, but yeah I would not wear this outside anyway (because slippers), and well I don't really do Halloween so some costumey outfit with Christmas sounds fine to me...because I can!
Actually I bought all the accessories at one place, which is a 'cheap' store that I began to love throughout the years because they sell lots of craft-related-items too (for you Dutchies, the store is called 'So-Low'). Some weeks back I came across them, and me and my husband bought these cute elf-slippers because they are just the most cutest christmassy thing I've seen in years and I love slippers <3. We've been wearing them everyday since XD must be really tacky to some but we fricking love it!
So then the actual christmas days came, I ordered a christmas sweater from a bit late but it got here just in time, I matched it witch some cute socks. I also tried my best to get some fancy tableware since we had the family coming here. As every year there were a lot of presents under the tree, I got some really nice things <3.
The second day of Christmas we did some cleaning and took a walk in the forest, because it was sunny outside (hooray!). I also watched the Monte Carlo christmas circus, it's been a while since I've seen it but we often would watch some TV around christmas and I remember loving to watch this...however we don't watch TV a lot anymore. Lucky enough it was still online to watch back.
Talking about circus, I also wore my last christmassy coords..well maybe not pure christmas but it was inspired a bit by those soldier nutcracker dolls and I think the Toy March jsk is pretty festive itself.
I made the mini hat myself, it is based on what the animals in the print wear. It was the first time wearing this blouse and I have to say it's very comfy. It's still hard to match the right hues of navy though, haha. Also the first time I wore these socks, they are quite different from the style I wear usually but I thought they work pretty well with the theme. Maybe it works better with a red blouse but I don't want to wear the same stuff all the time. I really still love this JSK though, made me happy to wear it again!

Yesterday we had our last fancy dinner (thank god ;) ) and we thought of some really weird stuff to cook. We made sushi from vegetables and other weird things. So the 'rice' was made from cauliflower and we made rolls with eggplant as a round base too but I'll spare you te detailed photos of the rest, it looked kinda grose :P .

And that was it for Christmas...thanks for reading, I hope you had a wonderful time yourself...I plan to make some end-of-the-year posts after this..hopefully in time but I really want enjoy some rest and recharge a bit now. See you again soon!

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  1. I love every single one of these outfits - even the costumey one. Or maybe *especially* the costumey one because it's the most Christmassy! Although I'm always partial to a nice nutcracker-inspired outfit and that hat is too adorable. Glad that you had a nice Christmas, even if it was very busy with all these things to do, but at least it was spent with the people who are dear to you and your husband. :)

    1. Aw thank you, that's so kind <3 haha and glad you liked the costumey one, it was the most fun one :D. Now for that long tea-time of the soul which is called winter and I just want to wear sweaters a lot T_T ...