zondag 31 december 2017

My 2017 favourites

2017 is almost over so of course everyone is looking back at what they did and looking forward to new times. I thought it would be fun to make a list of my 'favourites', so either things or moments that made me happy or that I thought were special. Here we go!

3 favourite lolita outfits

It was a while back, but I still really loved the combination of all the colors here, and the bunny details.

Quite some effort got into this coord, it really paid off to put some time into it!

A random coord I threw on one day but turned out pretty cute!

There was one coord I had planned but couldn't wear, which I also put quite some time into but maybe next year I'll wear it!

3 favourite moments

Despite my husband forgetting that this happened in 2017 ;) , obviously going to Japan was a lot of fun and this is a great memory <3. There are still so many things to discover and do there and visting Japan stays amazing (or we have 'heimwee', a sort of nostalgic homesickness...even when it's not our home..maybe it is a little bit of our heart) so maybe we will go another time in the future?

Swimming in Spain
It was totally different than whatever we did before. Okay, it was superhot in Spain but I love experiencing different cultures and I really loved snorkeling so yeah I'm really glad we did that!

My birthday
Well, I mean that weekend where I went to my friend and had fun playing games in an abandoned hospital and then she bought me food and nice gifts, and we did some crafting and saw a silly movie, it felt so special!

Of course there were many other moments I really enjoyed, such as Dream Masquerade Carnival and the karaoke christmas drinks at work, and Bremen...it's hard to choose!

3 favourite items I bought

My soft-yellow shoes, they were such a great find because it's the perfect shade of yellow!

Toy March jumperskirt, although it's a hard fight with Milky Planet, because I love that one a lot as well! Actually when I think about it I bought quite a lot again this year, haha, oops.

UV Resin. Haha that must sound weird but I really liked toying around with resin this year, it's so easy and fun to make pendants with.

I think 2017 was an interesting year, I did and learned a lot of new things and I like to keep that going. I'd like to thank you so much for reading my blog this year, I know blogs aren't so popular anymore, so I post more in instagram but I love to write once in a while and it's fun to look back on so I hope you enjoyed it too. For the new year resolutions and talk about the future, I'll make another post I think. So see you in 2018 hopefully, and all the best for the new year to you ★!

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  1. Looking at favourites is a great way to remember the good stuff and focus on the positives. 2017 was one of the best years for me so far, so I'd struggle to narrow things down to just three things, even within Lolita, but I'll have a go!
    3 Favourite ccoords - that one I failed at, I did 6 on my Instagram xP

    3 Favourite moments - 1) Modelling at DMC (that was exhilarating and so exciting!); 2) Getting kabedoned by Babi and Kaie from Triple Fortune (I still giggle at the very memory); 3) Starting to write for Wunderwelt Libre (so rewarding to put my stuff, even if it's stuff I wouldn't publish on my own blog, to a much wider audience).

    3 Favourite purchases - 1) Triple Fortune bonnet; 2) Innocent World's Revival Sweet Teddybear JSK in blue (a dream dress that took a while to obtain); 3) hmm, I'm struggling a little here, because all the other purchases weren't quite that level of dream-come-true, but purchasing that IW lucky pack, which was my first ever lucky pack, was a magical experience. <3

    1. Ah, those sounds like really great things :D glad you had such nice moments in 2017, let's hope for the best for the new year ^^!

  2. I love the coords you have posted! <3
    I didn't know you visited Spain this year! Which region did you stay in? :O

    Marina | Teapots and Frills