maandag 11 december 2017

Christmas 2017 blog #3: Bremer Weihnachtsmarkt

Hello hallo, last weekend we went to Bremen! This was a birthday-present from my husband. Last year we went some time away before christmas to do some shopping, which was a lot of fun and we also wanted to go to a weihnachtsmarkt, German christmas market, some day, so yeah it was the perfect idea!

Bremen is not too far away from where we live, it's 2,5-3 hour drive and we took the Flixbus. This was our first time going with Flixbus so it was kind of interesting. A short time after we left Groningen, they had to switch drivers but it took like half an hour so we got some delay already. At the border they had to check our id's and then we had some short stops in between.
Plus: it started snowing! We didn't know it would snow, it was an amazing suprise!

After settling in our hotel, we started to walk through the city-center, Nick needed some better gloves and a warm hat and we went to some interesting shops such as the huge kaufhof, Lush and a GameStop. After that we walked around the christmas market to see all the little trinkets, ornaments and food they sold.

The stalls and booths were really impressive, some don't even look temporary but like they have been standing there for decades. With all the snow and christmas lights, it was a truly fairytale like, idyllic scene, I really loved the atmosphere.

On Saturday we started of with a walk in the big park and afterwards took the bus to the center again. It was interesting to see the architecture, it's quite different from Dutch buildings. Where we use a lot of stone, the flat apartment buildings looked quite...well.. flattened out with concrete and uniform as there are only just windows that looked different because of what was inside.

Later that afternoon we visited the Schnoor, which is the medieval part of the city, they have some supercute traditional houses and tiny alleys. There was another christmas market next to the riverbank, the Schlachte. However, it was raining quite a bit and it was we did not totally enjoy this market and went on to eat some sushi for dinner.

 While walking back to the hotel and buy breakfast on the way (at the Lidl, where everything was ridiculously cheap...even cheaper than in NL), we saw that it was unbelievable crowded in the city center and so we decided to stay in the hotel for now. The Bremer christmas market is really popular on Saturday-night apparently.

On Sunday we went over the market just one last time to buy some souvenirs and then made our way to the station again for a -luckily- uneventful busride home, where even more winter awaited us.

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  1. Aww, Bremen looks so pretty! Even if the snow wasn't so postcard-perfect, German Christmas Markets in Germany are the most postcard-perfect things and even just looking at them makes me feel all warm and cosy inside. <3