vrijdag 1 december 2017

Catch-up Nov '17

Hi all!

Before I start out with my Christmas blogs (haha, yes they will be there!), I need to finish up stuff that happened last month first. Most of november I spend less time at the applied university I work for because of exam/grading weeks (but yeah more work in total, just from home).
And I also had my birthday at the start of November.
Some presents I got from my dear friend, a cute plush cockatiel you can clip on your shoulders
and a fancy supercute teacup and saucer from Bombay Duck ♥.
I actually turned 30 this year, can you believe it? I feel it is such a weird number. Like, 30 feels like real adult life starts. I guess it does, and year by year I feel a bit changed but maybe last year more than the last five years or so, possibly because I own a home and started driving lessons and got an actual serious job. Well life does change gradually, but it's just a number after all.
Anyway unto some more fun matters, because I spend more time at home, I also could put on whatever I like, so here are some lolita coordinations I wore,


Last time I said I wanted to play around more with existing pieces matching with the seasons, but some things didn't really work out in the end, so I ended up wearing some other things. New coords though!

So for the autumn elfs skirt (left) I had planned to wear brown with it, I even ordered a new bolero from Japan that looked like it would fit lolita fashion but was a lot cheaper.
Unfortunately it turned out to be a bit of a weird model and a size too large, didn't expect that so I ended up wearing cream tones this time. Initially I though it was a bit boring, and it certainly isn't really my style, but it does look nice after all. Simple but okay. I do feel that sometimes it is a bit hard to coordinate with a skirt instead of a jsk, but it's also nice to wear sometimes.
After this more classic outfit I really felt like wearing something sweet. I matched the Marshmallow Bunny jsk with an actual pyjama shirt, hihi. It's casual but I think the soft fleece, the color and the heart pattern really matched with the dress, so why not right?

I also made these ears with tiny pom-poms, I got the idea from a seller at Dream Masquerade Carnival (who had made them with multiple colors), unfortunately I forgot which shop it was ;_;. To my surprise it was actually super-easy to make, you only need a small iron wire that is sharp on the tip so you can push it through the pompoms!

The diamond-patterned socks I got two years ago for Christmas, finally found their purpose ^-^;

And lastly another coord with Cotton Candy Shop. It's such a comfy dress that you can wear for a long time and the print always makes me smile!

This time I paired it with a soft-yellow blouse, some wing-clips I got at Listen Flavor. A cute (Tangled) scrunchy from the Japanese Disney store and a hairpin I made myself a while ago.

Hanging on the star bag is a key I found at the second-hand store. When I put this photo on Facebook saying I wondered where it originated from, immediately some people started to search for it and it turned out to be a supercute toy castle called 'Starcastle', haha I totally would love to have one!

Wardrobe additions

In last post I told that I bought some things for myself for my birthday (haha, totally valid reason ;) ).
and they all got here in time so I can show them now.

The tartan dress I made myself over the pas few weeks. I wasn't too sure what to do with it. Originally I wanted a column of heart-shaped buttons on the top, but turned out that our habberdashery/accessory-selling-guy at the weekly market was going stop T_T which is sad because he always got more choice than our standard fabric shop. That is why lots of his things were already sold, so were the heart-shaped buttons. So I ordered some via Ebay, but that took a while to get here. After that, I already started making the dress, and then actually realized that the fabricpattern is maybe a bit too busy to put extra buttons on -_-; stupid me. Also, instead of buying a flock-iron-on-patch I just bought this velvet-ish fabric and cut a heart out of it, gotta think creative sometimes.

The black bag on the right I got from Loris (Taobao) . I've wanted a bigger black cute bag for some time to take to formal occasions, and also it matches the tartan dress!

The socks on the left are for a new coord , they have gold musical decoration on them. I also took a look at other things that Alice and the Pirates sell and I have to say I quite like their style!
So for a while I've been looking at Sugar Dream Dome from Angelic Pretty, I think this print is such a cute and nice wintery print. and Including the glitters, it turned into a must-have for me. However, I never totally liked either of the jsk's. The one with the fur collar top is very nice, but the big fur lower hem is just too much for my taste. The other jsk has a high-waist cut and my waist is just a lot lower than that. I opted for the skirt. I saw one on Lacemarket that was getting lower in price and so I waited until I thought it was a decent price and got it ^_^! Next to that is a blue blouse that I also got for a quite a cheap price and it turned out actually to be in new-state, got a bit lucky there!
So yeah you can imagine I can't wait to wear these ♥ you will probably see some coords with them soon!

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  1. I totally LOVE the Marshmallow Bunny outfit! You'd never be able to tell that that's a pyjama top, it just looks like a cute, fluffy casual cutsew, but makes for such an adorable, whimsical coordinate. I'm not a fan of bunny motifs, but I am 100% sold on this one.
    This is a great birthday haul, I must say. I'm starting to think of what to treat myself to on my birthday, which is January, and essentially keep going back and forth between "I'll get a lucky pack from Angelic Pretty" and "I'll get things on sale at Angelic Pretty". So I guess we'll have to wait and see. :P

    1. Ah thanks, I was pretty surprised with it as well, glad you like it!
      Hmm Lucky Packs are usually worth the money, but it always depends on what the print/cut will be. Waiting for sales is a very good idea too though, I get that it's a hard choice! I thought AP made a lot of nice things last year so I hope I can maybe grab something myself too, but my closet is already too full atm :P.