dinsdag 17 januari 2017

Japan plans - What to do?

In october 2015 my husband and I went to Japan for the first time and it was utterly a-ma-zing!
Choushi wa dou, Tokyo?
It was sooo impressive and awesome that we felt we needed to go another time. There are SO many things to see and do, even around Tokyo alone! So within some months we have a trip planned to Tokyo, yaaaaaay!

The last time I made a whole plan with a tight schedule, so we could see everything we wanted, this time maybe because we already saw some 'standard' stuff, we can have it a bit more easy (and have more time for shopping ;) ). I also blogged about it, but only in Dutch, so of course this time I'm going to do it in English here (maybe a bit shorter? I don't know, we'll see).

But to start things off, I thought: let's begin with thinking of what is 'left' and things we still want to do!

Parts of Tokyo

- Asakusa
With its big Sensoji temple and other shrines. And kabuki theater (thought Nick was interested in that). Also maybe go to the Tokyo Skytree somewhere around lunch, to have a nice sight by daylight!

- See Mt. Fuji
IF we can that is. We were in doubt if we should plan an overnight trip, but there is quite a chance that the weather won't be good and that you can't see it anyway. But..if a sunny day will come, we will get up early to see it either from the northern or eastern way.

- Chidori-ga-fuchi
Hey...a girl can have pink petal flowery dreams!

So hopefully we won't be too early to see cherry blossoms, but this would be a nice place to see some. And actually pretty close to our hotel!

- Roppongi (Hills)
Mostly because I just wanted to have seen it. Visit the Mori tower (and maybe the museums?) and apparently it's known for its foreign-friendly nightlife. On the other hand...it sounds like there is not a lot to see actually. So maybe only when we have time.

- Ginza
A posh part of the city, but I think we can go there for some shopping at Uniqlo (Nick discovered this shop in London and thought it was awesome) and Tokyu Plaza and then maybe go to Gadoshita restaurants around Yurakucho afterwards, for a bite. But it would be just a a part of a day since again: not much to really see.

- Koishikawa Korakuen garden
Said to be the best Japanese landscape garden and pretty to visit during the time we are there.


- Karaoke
Why haven't we done this yet in Japan? Why? I don't know.

- Purikura

I will just drag Nick with me into a booth, need to try it at least once right. 

- Onsen Monogatari
Well, if you want a hot spring experience, why not go for a whole themepark to start with. Besides the spa-thing you can walk around in a Yukata and do tradition festival stuff. Yessss!

- Disneyland
Disney is different in Japan, because 'cute' is normal there so that means that there are lots of things even for older Disney fans to buy and see. And from Rosalynn's blog it seems like an amazing place, so I really want to go.

- Sanrio Puroland
Home of the Sanrio characters... I can't wait to see all the pastel cute stuff <3 (or maybe there are some Aggretsuko things there then >:3 !). Although it doesn't have the best reviews, I still hope to have a good time here, but yeah I'm still a bit in doubt.

- Joypolis
An attraction park on Odaiba, where Nick really wanted to go last time. It's quite pricey though and doesn't seem very big to me. BUT it does have a lot of interactive rides and VR/game stuff so I guess we have to go. It is cheaper at night though, yay.

- Wearing lolita
I almost forgot this, but I really want to do it this time, so sorry suitcase but you're going to have to put up with a petticoat!

Restaurants & Food

- Eat Dorayaki.
After the movie 'An' (Red bean paste), we really need to try. Even though anko is not my fav.

- Eat at a Yakiniku place
Looks yummy!

I come from a barbecue family, what can I say...next to that it IS kinda cool to just have a grill on your own table right.

- Shinkansen Sushi
No not a conveyerbelt, but the restaurants with an iPad and a platform that delivers it on a rail directly to your nose like a train. Choo choo! Too bad the one on Odaiba isn't there anymore, but there are other ones such as Genki Sushi and Uobei Shibuya.

- Maid Cafe
Didn't go to one last time because Nick said it was too expensive, but yeah there aren't any maid-cafe's such as in Akihabara so I sure need to go, it must be fun right?! Do you have recommendations?

- Kawaii Monster Café
The famous crazy colored cafe I obviously need to see while in Harajuku

- Kotori Cafe (or other animal cafe?)
So I've heard of this bird cafe in Omotesando. I love birds, but can't have one because Nick is supposedly allergic to feathers (and it's just too inconvenient anyway). But yes, cafe with birds? Hell yeah!  But then again...there are some other cafe's as well, haven't been to a cat cafe in Tokyo either.


- Tsukiji Fish Market
Nick really was curious for this, however you have to get up super-early to see lots of dead fish, so that doesn't really sound attractive to me.

- Kamakura
The Kyoto-of-the-east with tons of temples and all of that. Maybe if we feel like seeing something else than concrete and buildings we might go there, it's only an hour from Tokyo anyway.

Going there again

No question: we are obviously going to Akihabara, Nakano Broadway, Harajuku, Shibuya and Shinjuku again. Shoppiiiiing!
And also that Tokyo Government building restaurant which I still can't understand of why it was so silent. Having dinner with a tokyo-by-night view...who doesn't want that?
Also: arcades. Yep.

So next blog will be about 'what to buy?' , because you never know if this is the last time you'll be there..and also it's just a lot cheaper than ordering, that why some planning might be useful ...and fun!

Do you have some other recommendations? Let me know :). Thanks for reading, see ya!

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  1. I think you really should go to Kamakura, it's really lovely, the Daibutsu is definitely worth seeing and it'll make for a great escape from the city (a park, a beach, more nature in general). I have great memories from Kamakura, even though I only spent a day there. :)

    1. It sounds nice yeah, but it depends on how much time we have, we're not as long there as the last time, but do have more days in Tokyo, so we'll see, but thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Sounds like you will have an awesome time! You have a really good list. Definitely go up in Sky Tree if you have a sunny day. It's a bit expensive, but very cool!

    Koishikawa Korakuen is pretty, but actually my favorite is Rikugien. Hama Rikyu is really nice too. Also, I don't know the dates you are going, but if you are early or late for sakura, Shinjuku Gyoen is a great place because they have several varieties of trees so you can see some blooming outside of the main season. I really love the gardens in Tokyo. They have cheap admission and are a nice break from the busier areas. Definitely visit some of the gardens, especially if you don't make it to Kamakura.

    Oh, and Oedo Onsen Mongatari is awesome! Some foreigners might say it's cheesy, but I loved it and went several times.

    I agree with you about the fish market. It's always pretty high on "What to Do in Tokyo" lists, but I lived in Japan three years and never went and don't regret it at all, lol!

    I did a blog post about kawaii things to do in Tokyo which might be helpful to you.


    I hope your trip goes well! Have fun!!! :)

  3. I love the gardens too, especially because we are usually up early before shops and things are opened and last time we sort of had a habit of visiting a park first and then later plan to do something. Shinjuku Gyoen we went to last time and it was amazing yes, but I guess we love to see new things, luckily there are enough parks around! Thanks for the tips!