zaterdag 14 januari 2017

All the details

Last year I wrote a whole wardrobe post, like lots of lolita's do in January along the traditions of Livejournals EGL community. And though I have acquired more dresses and items and sold quite a bit as well, I did not really feel the need to make a post, I take and keep pictures of all my main items on my Facebook anyway. So for this month I thought: why not make some pictures of the details that I like.

The lace on the Friend Kumya-chan is very detailed and precious-looking.

The scenes on Little Bear's Cafe are soooo adorable!

Lace might be a staple of lolita fashion, but it still is a dear thing to see.

Fluffy wintery bunny <3

I kinda like this bow, the smooth fabric makes it even more popping.

The print on Fairy Tale jsk of Metamorphose Temps de Fille seems actually like it is telling a story.

Although the pancake-unicorn takes the stage on this Econeco-print-dress,
I really think this elephant is outstanding as well.

This little mouse loves watching snow I guess.
(From my self-designed/made Snowy Day jsk)

I really like the front of the Sugar Pansy jsk and its flat folded bow.

Nothing wrong with lots of shiny bows ^_^ !
This lace is getting signs of age, but at least it is used for lots of great times.

Two sweet houses of a wicked witch

Such cuddly bears...and did you see that glittery gold?

Everybody likes the stroopwafels, but I'm more of a speculaas person in general.
(My handmade/drawn Dutch Sweet Tea jsk)

Even though I don't feel like wearing this jsk a lot
I am still a bit proud of my paintings and design!

Shiny little bubble beads.

And the last one: a happy bear at christmas on his cute scooter.
Are you doing a wardrobe post this year? do you enjoy all the details on the garments as much as well? What is your favourite? Let me know!

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