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What games did you like?

Last months some people have asked me what games I like(d) and/or play, since I've been working at the Game Design & Development department as a teacher/coach. That's why I thought it would be nice to write a blogpost about gaming.

I call myself a casual gamer because I don't play hours and hours every week, instead when there is a game that I like, I can play it a lot during a month or so in the weekends or evenings. That, and that I'm more into games that are easier to play and not too hard. I might be lazy(?), but I always say: isn't it a form of 'ontspanning', which can be translated as both entertainment and relaxation. I like games for having some light-energy fun.

Honestly, I find it very hard to pin-point one most favourite so the order of these is not of importance..but I know I played these for hours and had lots of fun with it <3.

Pokemon Puzzle Challenge / Panel de Pon

Actually the same sort of game, but I think Panel de Pon was the origin of the series? There's also a Kirby-kind of this game and one called Tetris Attack but I did not play those. Basically it's a tile-matching game where you switch the tiles individually to make combinations (and chains of them).
It can get really challenging, because in story-mode (or vs.) you play against someone and then you want to make the biggest combinations and chains to attack the other (it gives them more tiles to work away).
I discovered this game with Pokemon Puzzle Challenge, and saw Panel de Pon later on via a friend and it was so adorable that I bought a Japanese Super Famicom (SNES) and some games to actually play it the way it was meant to be (gawd, the colors and music sound so good orginally)!
 ~ Gameplay video link

Puyo Puyo
It's almost the same as Panel de Pon, but a bit different.
Don't really remember when I discovered it? I think via an old online friend (played it via an emulator), and then later there was a GBA release (Puyo Pop Fever). And now there is Puyo Puyo Tetris :) lots of the old characters are still in there, which is fun, they had crazy characters! . I really like that they are making a translation of Puyo Puyo Tetris so I can actually follow the story a bit better :P.  ~  Gameplay video link


The idea of this game is so nice and the world is soooo cute and funny, I don't know what is not to
like. So basically you are a locoroco, a jelly-like-ball-creature that has to search/collect its friends and form one big LocoRoco creature, solve puzzles, freeing Mui Mui's and avoiding Moja's (enemies). The game is for the PSP and the way you moved was by pressing the shoulder buttons of the PSP, which would change the angle of the landscape and thus through gravity the LocoRoco would roll (a mechanic not used a lot I think. so quite original). You also had a sort of overworld (maybe only in the 2nd game?) and supercute music that made it so appealing.  ~ Gameplay video link

Flyff - Fly For Fun
Ah, everytime I think about it I get a nostalgic feeling. Flyff is a MMORPG, and actually the first one I played. It was the first year of college and I finally got my own (crappy) computer and played this with my boyfriend (now husband), it was fun to play together while we were actually at our own places (and to go sell your in-game-stuff and leave the pc on for the whole night, I was always so excited to see what I sold, haha). In Flyff you can fly through the sky, and the style was very colorful and cute.After Flyff, I also tried WoW, Guild Wars and LotrO, but they never did it as much for me as Fly For Fun!  ~ Gameplay video link

Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Me with my friend Sanne
having fun in AC:NL

Almost forgot this title in my list, can you believe that? Because I must have spent soooo many hourse on this. I think I played it almost for a year long? Maybe it's even the most casual game out there, since all you do is be social with animal-character villagers, redecorate your house and catch bugs and fish. Well, and you could also visit other people, which is cool because I could play with my friends! So yeah, I like AC:NL a lot. Too bad their Happy Home Designer game wasn't as good.  ~ Gameplay video link

Pokémon (Silver/ X&Y)
Just like a lot of people I totally fell for the Pokémon franchise when I was young, the combination of cute creatures, exploring worlds and some fighting action is awesome. The two first gens are close to my heart (and yeah I play Pokemon Go too ofcourse!), but I really liked the X&Y series too and the ones after that.  ~ Gameplay video link

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2
Back in the time when I still lived with my parents I got this as a present once and it was so much fun to create your own recreation park, design your own rollercoasters and look at visitors and such! I haven't played simulation games in a long while though, I wonder why.  ~ Gameplay video link

Stepmania / DDR

The first time I ever played this was on my first anime convention, back when cons were small en you knew a lot of people from forums and such. I was so excited to play DDR and then later on discovered that you can play it at home too, I bought a mat (that was relatively expensive for me, even though it was the cheapest one) and played Stepmania with all the anime music I could find. It was amazing, even though I'm probably the worst dancer out there :P.  ~ A short video about it.


This is probably my most-played game on Steam, while it is actually really simple I just enjoyed going through the dungeons and see what I could find and sell. The shop-part was definitely fun too ( the idea of succesfully selling stuff is quite rewarding and of course you had a bit of story-thing too. The dungeon-crawling reminds me of Disney's Magical World too, which I played (and the 2nd one) too.  ~ Gameplay video link

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth
Can't remember whenever I played a game on a TV-console for so long, but yeah I'm a big fan of the original Digimon (+ 02) TV series and of course I needed to try this game. Besides playing/fighting with Digimon, you also get a nice mystery story and some interesting chracters so I really recommend it! Also: it had an auto-fighting mode, perfect for lazy gamers like me who don't like grinding too much ^.~ !  ~ Gameplay video link

So these are some of the games I really liked playing. What kind of games do you play, or are you even a 'gamer' at all? Did you play some of these as well? I'm curious!

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