vrijdag 6 januari 2017

Hello 2017 Kitty high tea

Yesterday I went to a very nice restaurant with some other lolita girls to enjoy a special Hello Kitty high tea! At SET Genki Tei in The Hague (Den Haag), which is a Japanese restaurant with a café next to it. The interior looks very Japanese as well, they even have lower tables and had Ema (wooden wishing plaques) hanging (even though it is not a shrine?). It's a very nice authentic athmosphere and they offer a big variety of Japanese dishes.
(photo from the SET website)
In the restaurant we were placed on two joined tables where one was the half that ordered a Hello Kitty high tea and the other half rather ordered a la carte. Because we already reserved beforehand, the high tea items were instantly ready, while the other girls had to wait a bit for their food. But of course we had lots of fun chatting and catching up with eachother so time went by fast.

The Hello Kitty High Tea consists of sushi, toast (with jam on the side), cheesecake, puff pastry filled with anko (Japanese red bean paste), chocolate bon bons and cookies. Oh yeah, and unlimited tea. And except for the sushi and puff pastry, everything was Hello Kitty shaped/themed! I'm sorry though that I could not take perfect pictures, the light was very dimmed and quite orange so even editing the photos was hard.

So as you can see even the plates, cups and tea pot were themed, so cute! And I have to say, everything was tasty as well. I especially liked the cheesecake, instead of having cake under the creamy part, there is soft cake within the kitty this time, a nice surprise.
The cheesecake kitty before 'murdered' and eaten ;).
After having filled ourselves with all the delicious and pretty food and drinks, we went outside to take some pictures next to a nearby church. However I already let my husband take a picture of my outfit before I went off that morning. Because I have to travel for a long time, I'm always afraid that my outfit is a bit messed up after a meet, and it was a bit cold too so I skipped that part and just enjoyed the others having photo-and-selfie-fun. But here was my coordination:
Coord rundown:
Jsk: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Bolero: handmade
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Socks & shoes: Bodyline
Heart bracelet: Hema
Ferret-plushies: Amuse
Rest is offbrand
Though I had not a Hello Kitty themed thing in my wardrobe, nor any cats anymore actually (hm, sad, I hope someday I can bring them back, I'm still after the Whimsical Vanilla-chan tiered jsk, not so into the 'modern' AP cats)
I opted for other cute creatures with my Friend Kumya-chan JSK. I am happy I have not sold this after all, it looks a lot better when matched with something colored on top, I only removed the bows on the straps/top so I could wear a bolero over it. For my head I opted for my white pom poms again, but this time with a longer ribbon-bow and I wore the fluffy dangling earrings too to make it extra fluffy-snowy-looking.
It was also the first time I wore these Bodyline socks, they are just a tiny bit too short so they fall under my knees when I'm walking for a longer time, but they look cute with those polka dots and lace nonetheless. Bringing the ferret-plushies in my new bag was fun too!

Anyway, we had a great afternoon! I'm glad I could enjoy the Hello Kitty high tea with lovely lolita friends ♥.  And haha I'll try to start eating healthy again from coming week on, but that's obviously a lot easier when you have a lot to do and not like a thousand holiday celebrations ;) but it was a great start of 2017!

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  1. I had a great time yesterday! Thank you again for organizing, you looked adorable ;)

    1. No thanks, it was a pleasure, thank you for the great company! and yeah you looked very pretty and elegant in your IW dress too ^_^ !