zondag 7 januari 2018

Plans & resolutions for 2018

As promised I'm going to talk a bit about my plans for 2018. At this point in my life I feel like there are definitely going to change some things this year, and other things I should just keep doing. For now my resolutions are (in short):

1 ☆ focus more on (long-term) happiness
2 ☆ buy less, sell some things
3 ☆ eat/drink more healthy
4 ☆ keep jogging/ work out weekly
5 ☆ get driver's license
6 ☆ find a new job (for after summer)
7 ☆ find another place to live possibly
8 ☆ do more *new* things
☆ keep track of and remember my goals

1. Focus more on (long-term) happiness

This is the biggest one and probably the hardest one to explain. It's some smaller goals into one actually. Sometimes I feel my life is a bit empty and I don't feel as much happiness as I did before. One of the things it has probably to do with is friends...friends I used to have OR that aren't as close. I can't just say that it just happened, if I want to stay in touch than I should do that right? But it's kind of hard. There are plenty of people I'd like to meet up with but most of them are at least 2,5 hours traveling away. So when I go it means I'm gone for a day, that costs, next to working, quite a bit of energy and also less time for spending with husband. I guess I discovered that maybe it shouldn't really matter as much and I should just do it, I think friendships are important and I should definitely meet more up with all the nice people in my life!

So that was one of the reasons for long-term happiness. The other one has to do more with my own life. I think I should be more 'me' again, more enjoying the moment as is and enjoy the little things. Not reading facebook as much for example, but DOING more myself. Especially Facebook I haven't enjoyed thát much last year. Some people and groups are on there that I do follow and like and that is nice and all but there's no use actually on coming there multiple times a day. I fell like there have been more and more ads also, so it feels less 'me' anyway. The same goes for my relationship: less hanging on the couch, and putting more time in things I like to do (individually) so that when we see eachother at least we are genuinely being close with eachother.

Other goals are probably also more in line with this big happiness goal so yeah, here's the rest:

2. Buy less, sell some things
After these three years of lolita fashion my closet is full and I think I won't wear some pieces that much anymore so I'm going to sell those. Maybe I'll have more space for new things but also, I feel like maybe I won't have to buy as much. It's a weird feeling but after all, happiness doesn't come exactly from buying new stuff, it comes from doing things that make you happy. I just don't want to hold on to things forever, if I had a lot of great time with it, that was what mattered anyway!

3. Eat/drink more healthy
During the holidays it's always the case, whether I try to avoid it or not: I gain some extra weight and eat less healthy. It's not bad, it's what a lot of people experience. I usually eat less carbs, only one slice of bread at the start of the day and then maybe some cookies/snacks at night but during holidays I always give myself some time to enjoy some bread and all the nice things that come with this time of year. And I really like bread but eating salad for lunch is just healthier and eating a hand full of nuts as a snack also does the trick so it's just back to basic. Same goes for drinks. I can't deny I love some cocktails or wine, but it's not healthy physically and mentally so I definitely want to cut out drinking as much (and that probably helps snacking less too).

4. Keep jogging/ work out weekly
It was really nice to start jogging/running last year, it's good to do. I took a little break in december from it, it was too cold for me really but lately temperatures are going higher again so it's time to start jogging again. And else just keep working out inside of the house in some sort of way. I started doing some dancing with stepmania already today.

5. Get driver's license
I'm happy l did some new things in 2017. I started with driving lessons after we lost both of our ferrets, I felt like if I ever wanted a new pet (or maybe even kids later) I definitely need to be able to drive a car. And also, because then at least we are free to go places. It's really hard to reach some places like local forests (I love taking walks) or remote places where family lives and my husband and I got really tired of doing 'nothing'  just because we can't go there easily. That's why I really want to get my license...but it's hard >_<. I'm not a natural multitasker at all and driving is not something I learn easily (in comparison with theoretic things or other stuff where I can take my time..). But hopefully when I just keep doing it, I'll reach that point to get the license.

6. Find a new job (for after summer)
Unfortunately my current job as a (parttime) teacher/coach at the game/design department at the applied university was temporary from the start. I got an extension of the contract, but it's one day less work so I definitely need to find something new on the long term. Illustration hasn't gotten me that far either so I'm not sure if I should give that another kickstart as well, although I have a huge job coming right up tomorrow so we will see!

7. Find another place to live possibly
This has to do both with #6 and #1: finding jobs (for the kind of work I can do) is hard in the north of the Netherlands, so it's possible that we'd have to move. Next to that, we have been living for a long time now in Groningen and we're kind of ..bored with it. All fun things happen in the west/centre of our country but we enjoyed being in bigger cities as well (I mean, London..Tokyo..) and it's really attractive because it seems so easy as there are so many things to do there. So yeah possibly a bigger city at least, don't know when and don't know where but I'm excited to experience something new!

8. Do more *new* things
Talking about new, I definitely need some refreshing things in my life to spice it up. I'd like to challenge myself to do at least two new things every month. Whether it be crafts or making music or speaking a language or photography or meeting up with people I don't know, I don't know yet but I should definitely do new things, because that also makes me happy and just fills my life with genuine experiences. 

9. Keep track of and remember my goals
Guilty: after some time I will just forget what my goals are. After working and doing a lot you might just simply not remember it anymore. But this time I really want to keep track of it. I decided to keep a bullet journal and not have everything digital anymore. I already started doing something new today: I sewed my own journal together (it was kinda hard to find a nice one with blank pages and the art store was closed today so I just thought: why not make one myself).
So hopefully that helps with remembering what I want to do and full up my life with positive things!

Thanks for reading  , I'd love to hear what your own plans for the new year are and of course I'll try to keep you posted about mine. See you again soon!

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  1. I love that you've put remembering your goals on the goal list! It's a good thing to do, and something that's very easy to lose track of.

    1. Yeah it's so hard, I think that is the whole problem with reaching goals, you want to do them but how do you keep reminding yourself about it, since there are so many things to fill up your life with temporarily, so it's super-important I think ^_^ !