dinsdag 30 januari 2018

Catch-up January '18

Hello hello, this month is almost over already so I'd thought it would be a good time to post my lolita updates from January.
Actually I didn't wear a lot of lolita fashion, not as much as I'd liked because January is a busy month where our students round up the 2nd semester and next to that I started with a new illustration job so yeah I am a busy person at the moment. Nonetheless, I still hope to wear more lolita fashion coming months, due to the fact that I only teach one course (next to some other student supervision/counselling things) so yeah, hope that will work out. I think though that I'm not the only person not wearing lolita a lot in this month. It's so cold so you'd rather just wear fuzzy sweaters and sit on the couch (which I also did ;) ), I can't wait for more spring-like weather!

Technically I didn't post the coord I wore on Dec. 31, so yeah still 2017. I wanted to wear something to celebrate New Year's eve, with a lot of sparkles!
I wore a casual hooded shirt with it that I've sewn myself a while back, and the navy AP ribbon otk's that are apparently not that high, but I think they looked great in this coord anyway. I also polished my nails and thought some cute stars on them would be nice!
Well, this was the last time I wore the Constellations And The Stars of Confeito JSK, because I planned to sell this dress. I know it was one of my dreamdresses, but after wearing it multiple times I kind of just got uninspired with coordinations with it and as said in my 2018 goals blogpost, I want to refresh my wardrobe a bit without spending too much money so selling was the go-to option. More about new purchases later!
Then some weeks later I had a day off and decided I wanted to wear my Bubbly Jelly Sea JSK, because I haven't worn it in such a long time while, this was due to some damage it got when I traveled back from Under the Sea in Amsterdam (that sunday a bottle of hairspray broke in my husbands bag and  got all over it, so the lining got all wrinkled and weird, I fixed it slightly by cutting it on one side, but you can't see it because it's under the dress anyway). I wore the jellies in a casual way with some boots (because winter). Next time I want to try wearing light-blue with it instead of darker colors.
Our stranded train
And the day after that we had a sweet lolita meet up in Gouda (yes, you might know it from the cheese), and well this was quite an adventure. The train that I took together with another lolita, broke down just before the first big city where we had to transfer to another train to Gouda. Living all the way in Groningen, I am always afraid to have some kind of delay but it usually doesn't happen so I guess this day was the statistical compensation T_T but yeah it was kind of interesting, we had to get out of the train, sit in a bus to Zwolle and there wait for the other train which was also delayed because of our original train, haha. 

But we got there in the end, had some tea and sweets/pastries at a very cute cafe and took a lot of supercute and fun photos so I'm glad I still got to go. However, I really don't want to live too long in Groningen anymore, I'm really fed-up with always travelling this much if I want to go somewhere.
So for my coord (below) I felt like wearing Sugar Dream Dome skirt again, as it is winter-themed and even though there are presents on it, I felt like wearing it again because I'm still happy I bought it and I really wanted to wear it with the necklace I made! This time I wore my white bolero on top of my pink Angelic Pretty blouse. And hey, I finally used the big bow for it as well that came with this blouse. It also has golden and shimmery accents so I felt it was a perfect match ♥.

Well, for the further wardrobe updates, I had hoped that to tell that there came a package, but it didn't get here. My shopping service posted it on Thursday Jan. 18, so I expected it from Wednesday 24 on, but still isn't here. I mailed them but they tried to explain something that has to do with SAI, but I used EMS so that has nothing to do with it. I asked on our Dutch lolita page and some people said it could take two weeks, which is in my opinion too long for EMS, but yeah there also has been snowfall in Tokyo, so I have to still be patient for some days. I hope nothing went wrong with it :(.

Anyway, what I am waiting for is some smaller items plus a jumperskirt. I've been watching the cardigan and necklace in December but decided to wait with buying it (because December is already such an expensive month), but I kept going back to it so on new year's day I decided to buy them anyway. The necklace was actually a wishlist item, I find this bunny so very cute and I think it fits well in my wardrobe. The cardigan is a good match with a lot of my pastel items too and I've been wearing lolita fashion more casually with cardigans so I think it's a good addition for variety.
And this is the jumperskirt I'm waiting for, it's Wonder Story (collared version) from Angelic Pretty. I've always liked this print, but it is quite rare to find (or at least for a decent price), so I was really surprised to find it and couldn't help myself ^^; (so yes that's why I'm selling other dresses). I really love the Alice theme of it, yet still not super-out there, I love the combination of books, cards, tea and bunnies . And I think this shade of red is also quite nice, it fits better with white and has a more pink hue to it. I'm very curious to see all the detail in person. But yeah, let's hope my package comes here soon. In the meantime I'm planning some things out to make a dress with the bunny-fabric I bought in Japan last year, but I'm not super inspired and don't know what kind of model/cut I should make so I should give that some attention I guess.

Well, hope you liked the updates and I hope you had a good (or better) January and see you next time, byebye!

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  1. Ah, there was a time when I wanted Wonder Story in that cut too (in red or sax). But I'm really not a fan of Alice in Wonderland themes, so in the end I decided that I want some other dresses more. But I'm excited to see how you'll wear it!

    1. Aw thanks! I'm excited too but our international mail center is crazy-slow I think these months so I'll have to wait T_T.