maandag 27 februari 2017

Japan plans - What to buy?

As promised in the first Japan 2017 blog, I would make a list of everything I should not forget to buy!
Well, I made the list, but that made it a bit boring really and seeing as some things might be a bit hard to explain to my husband (who hopefully is wanting to help search for things), I made it visual!

My wardrobe needs more socks for variation, I mean I have lots of dresses but I'm not going to wear the same coordinations all the time. And some of my dresses don't even have real matching otk's...

I hope to buy a brown and light-yellow bolero's at Closet Child, my other brown one is actually not amazing and I'd love to have a yellow one to match my sweet pastel dresses.

Blouses: I'd love to have one good but plain-ish white blouse without detachable puffsleeves. And maybe a sax-blue one as well. I'm looking for a white fluffy bag to match with my bunny dresses and also hope I can find some new accessories to, again, put more variation into my coords.
More casual-cute fashion! I only have nice cute stuff with short sleeves, but in the Netherlands you are going to need long sleeves until June or so (or even further) so I hope I can find some cute comfy clothes. Next to that more gold/sophisticated but still cute jewelry to match with work-wear. And not forget: make up and face masks. I'm done with the mud/cream masks, these throw-away ones seem awesome.

For a long time I awed at the resin creations that people made and I tried it out myself once with mixing resin which has to harden for a long time. UV resin seems so much easier and is apparently available in Japanese hobby stores! Of course I'm going to look at fabric and lace. Then some other hobby-stuff like a nice paint-brush, postcards and books and such.

As full geeks (or otaku's if you will), of course we are going to the Pokemon store again. I hope to buy some buttons and keychains for my 'ita-bags' (the one with the 'window'). A new cover plate for my 3DS would be nice. Besides that just looking for fan stuff like artbooks and figures, can't wait to see what they sell now!

Since it is sakura-season, we're going to find lots of sakura-themed food right? I'm really curious! Besides that we love trying out new snacks and delicacies. And we are definitely going to stock up on more tea, yep!

Of course we won't forget friends and family and see if we can find some interesting souvenirs for them. I probably forgot some other things as well, but the list above is at least handy for remembering. And sure, it's super materialistic, but we don't go to Japan often and it is much cheaper than shipping from online stores (+customs tax and such). Also happy I have a job now :D. But we did get a bit older and after moving houses last year I sort of figured that sometimes things are really temporary, like manga's or figures from series you loved once...but I guess that is okay as long as you enjoy it for a while and don't spend more than you want to ^_^!

Did you go to Japan once, and what did you buy? Found bargains or tried things that you actually threw away later? I'd love to know! Thanks for reading ❤

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  1. Those drawings are absolutely adorable! I agree on the accessory and sock front - there is so much cute stuff in Japan, but shipping small things one or two at a time costs a lot and trying to accumulate enough to justify shipping is a little pointless sometimes. Good luck with your bargain/wishlist hunting! :)

    1. Thank you! And yes, totally know what you mean, sometimes I see accessories I like, but including the service- and shipping costs it might even double the price. Last time I saw plenty of things sold at Closet Child, but maybe I can get things at other stores as well. And thank, I hope I can find more things than last time!

  2. This is very genious! I think it gives an better overview than just a list, especially when you want many different things! I will try it for my next shopping trip as well ^-^

  3. Ah I send my comment to early >-< Last year I also visited Japan, and I didn't really had a list, it was more like "some dresses, some make-up" haha. I spend a lot of money for shopping because I wanted to use this opportunity, but with every item I bought, I asked myself "Do I really need this, can I use this in a useful way or do I just want to buy it because it's cute but then it will sit in my closet forever". So I didn't really throw anything away, I did sold a dress and a skirt, but just because I didn't took enough time to try it on. I suggest to take a lot of time with trying on your clothes, even in Closet Child you can try on everything, it is really amazing.

    1. Yeah that is really useful while shopping I guess so you don't buy too much. However actually last time I maybe bought too less? That sounds silly, but at a lot of stores I couldn't choose anything I liked but I regretted later not buying anything because now I have times I miss accessories and such.
      I sold a blouse though that I bought in Japan, at first I thought it was nice, but it didn't go with my wardrobe, was a bit too big and wasn't really my style after all. And yes, I'll just try on some things this time too, and hopefully there are some bargains there as well ^_^! Thanks for the compliments btw!