woensdag 5 oktober 2016

Ferret Friends

Yesterday was World Animal Day on October 4 and I thought why not make a blogpost about our ferrets!
Since summer of 2012 we adopted two ferrets, a male we named Hobbel and a female named Annie. They were both over 1 year old by then (at least the shelter estimated so) and that means they are now about five and a half years old and still doing great.

Ferrets become about 6 - 8 years old on average in The Netherlands as far as I know, which means they are getting older, but you never know..they might become ten years old as well. When ferrets get older, they tend to get more diseases, they sleep more, lose weight and lose some hair as well. I already see change in their hair color, where first it became darker in the summer, it now tends to stay light or even a little bit grey-ish.

Why ferrets?
I was always surrounded by pets when I grew up and when I became a student I did kind of miss it but it wasn't just very practical. When my husband and me started living together and settle down a bit more with a job and such, I thought: let's look for a fitting pet. Cats and dogs just didn't fit our (former) apartment though. I am not so into other pets like fish, and a bird wasn't an option too.After seeing a book about ferrets, I became interested more and more about these little sneaky but adorable creatutes!
Lots of video's and website-visits further, we decided to go look at a ferretry to see how they are in real life. Then after that we decided we wanted one...or maybe two? Later we stumbled upon a ferret shelter and association called "Frettig Gestoord" (which translates into something like "Ferrety Crazy"). They had several ferrets up for adoption, so we made an appointment. Our choice was quite easy after that.

Ferrets certainly have a 'manual' to them. They are a bit playful like kittens, and can be for almost all their life and because of this, you need to play with them too. Yes, everyday. They need to get that energy out (before wrecking other stuff or becoming depressed). It can take several hours a day actually. We used to do it all in the evening, then later we started letting them out of their cage twice per day, and now they aren't really active very long anymore so once a day in the morning is fine since they also have their own room by now.

Although they cost quite some energy and don't often come sitting on your lap like a cat, I just love our little 'carpet sharks'. They are SO playful and can do crazy stuff so they make me laugh, which is simply good for the soul. And when they sleep, they turn into adorable warm fuzz-balls that make you melt. They also have quite some personality too. I'm still very happy that Annie & Hobbel are our pets and hope that I can continue to give them a good home while they grow older, because they deserve it ♥.

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