woensdag 5 oktober 2016


Last week I acquired my last dreamdress, the 'Welcome To The Sweets Hexenhaus ribbon jumperskirt'. Honestly I still can't believe it, but this is my last dreamdress. All? Really?
Every time I tried on a new dreamdress 
it made me feel super special ★ 
but every one is different to me. 
I especially love the print and the
combo of pink 
& brown of this one.

For those who don't know: 'dreamdresses' is a term used by many lolita's for the dresses they would really really love to own and wear. Some people have just one or two (but those might also be called a 'holy grail') and some have a long list (but maybe that's more like a wishlist?).
Lolita dresses usually are released in limited quantities, which means that if you like a dress from, say 2012, you have to find and buy it secondhand somewhere.

Basically I started out with the ones I saw somewhere and really liked. Then later I learned that some of them are just way too high above my price-range and that some of them just wouldn't look great on me so I scrapped those of the 'list'. I really wanted a list that was achievable and useful, and I guess that worked!

So for me, as someone who can also design and sew her own prints and dresses..at the start it was something I sort of felt doubt about. Like...should I have 'brand' dreamdresses? Isn't a dreamdress something I would design myself? But in the end lots of prints and designs inspired me and I don't like to be a copycat so what can one do, I think cherishing the original designs is a good thing. After all, they are sort of like a piece of art.

I do still have designs in mind for future things to make myself, ideas don't just stop coming and not everything already exists either. It won't hurt the wallet too hard either at least. But nonetheless I'm really happy that I'm such a lucky girl that I could find and purchase all my dreamdresses, way too lucky than I might deserve(?), but I think the most important thing is to enjoy it as much as I can ❤!

Oh, almost forgot, I made a video about this last dreamdress to show you how it looks. I've been thinking about making unboxing video's before with former purchases but just couldn't find the energy or courage but since I started making videos more I felt this last one deserved at least a video.
Hope you like it!
And thanks for reading. Do you have dreamdresses yourself, do you plan on actually getting them all and if yes, then how? I'd love to know so leave a comment if you like ^_^ !

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