maandag 12 maart 2018

Catch-up Feb/early March

Yet again, I haven't written anything new in a while. I have to be honest and actually tell you that lolita fashion has not been on my mind 'a lot' recently, even though I wore it several times last month. In January I wrote that one of my goals was to not buy new things, or either sell things and, well I bought new things, and sold other dresses, and still I kind of feel 'meh' about wearing it lately. It didn't really help either that both packages got lost. The first one got here 1,5 month later, the second one (not from Japan, but from the US) is still lost T_T. Feels like I'm cursed.
I planned several new coords in my bullet journal and managed to wear some of them, but it did not feel the same somehow, it was more 'doing what I had in mind' than 'yay let's wear lolita to be happy'.
Maybe it was also just the cold outside (I'm really happy it became Spring now, but we had weeks of really freezing cold temperatures and all I wanted to do is stay inside. But yeah, maybe I'm just getting bored with it, who knows. However, I did manage to wear it for several occassions, so here are some coords (or parts of it).

First off: we had a meet at the local cat cafe again, and I mixed my milky planet yellow with some lavender and pink things, I'm honestly really happy with this coord, I love the colors. That star in my hair was a gift I got when I bought the Sugar Dream Dome skirt, I thought it would work with Milky Planet as well! The cats at the cafe were really cute and it was nice sitting and chatting there!

Then some casual outfits (more Otome-kei like) I wore on some days off. I actually don't mind not wearing a petticoat everytime. It's a lot more convenient when you are at home sitting on the couch for example, or when you need to visit a busy place. That and I don't need that poof all the time for just daily use (I don't have a petticoat that gives an in-between/small poof either).

And it took a while, but I finally wore the cape I made last winter. I was waiting for a snowy sunny day but it didn't came and so I just wore it on another cold day. I had this coord in mind for a while so I'm happy I could finally wear it. I also finished sewing a jumperskirt with the fabric I bought in japan. I also made an overskirt for it in plain pink chiffon which I hope to wear soon.

Last week I met up with two lolita friends. With Eveline I did some resin crafting, which was a lot of fun doing together! We forgot to make outfit pictures, but I managed to make some snaps that morning so not all is lost. I wore my Lucky Star Dreamland jsk with the yellow AP cardigan I just got in and the easter/bunny socks. I really like this cardigan, it's comfy and perfect fit for the waist-height of lolita dresses (to me at least), I should have bought one sooner.

And then lastly, I met up with Nienke, who I hadn't seen in a long while. I took the chance to wear my new Wondery Story jsk with a fairly standard coord I'd say, but it works nonetheless.
That card-ring from AP I bought from Yvette, a lolita friend who lives in my own city, I'm glad I could buy it from her, suits the coord perfectly don't you think? The resin necklace I had made at Eveline's place, I could use some embellishments from her <3.

With Nienke I shared some yummy cupcakes that her partner made and we chatted the afternoon away! Then yesterday I hadn't anything planned (just chilling with my husband, which is perfect for a Sunday, right ^_^ !), so I took the opportunity to wear my Tartan Love JSK again. Maybe not the most versatile of dresses, but sure is easy to wear and a good match for a rainy day I guess.
That said, I'm still not feeling that same spark I had anymore with lolita fashion. I kind of feel like it's time for something new in my life(?). Whenever I feel that, I have the habit to want to get rid of old things. I'm not saying I'm suddenly going to sell all of my dresses (I'd probably keep some of my handmade ones anyway), but yeah I've just been focussing more on the future or at least on 'something else', so that's why I haven't written new lolita-related blogposts, I don't want to force myself too much. Do you know this feeling too? If so, what did you do with it?
My husband and I have done double driving lessons per week (haha, there goes the money), and I've been studying for the theory exam as well (which is planned next month), I'm super-duper looking forward to having a car at this moment, because more and more I feel like I'm keeping myself from doing what I like and need in my free time (like, hiking/walking in nature/parks etc. or going somewhere just because I feel like it and NOT depend on public transport and the stress that comes with it. But yeah it probably will still take a while before we can officially drive.
In other new: we have another vacation planned to Japan. Yep! But this time, suprise surprise, my best friend and her partner are coming with us, which I think is superduper awesome :D, I'm so stoked for it, but we have to wait until Autumn. Last time we said we probably wouldn't visit Japan anytime soon, but then we looked at other places to visit and still thought "hmm..but we could also go to Japan". We hope to plan more daytrips outside of Tokyo/Osaka, and plan to visit Hiroshima too this time. I can't wait for our new adventure ^_^ !

Okay, that was it for the update. Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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  1. Oh no, it sucks that your package is still lost! I hope it'll appear soon, it's horrible when that happens, sending you lots of virtual hugs and support.
    Those are all really cute, lovely outfits, it's a shame that you don't feel the spark of joy anymore. My advice would be to leave it for a little bit, take a break from dressing up unless you really feel like it, but also don't sell anything just yet. If in a few months, maybe half a year you still feel the same, then start thinking on what to do about it. It's normal to need a mental break, the fashion can be a bit tiring to wear or feel like pressure to wear it in certain ways, so if a break is what you need, listen to your body and heart and take that break. Hopefully once you've recharched your internal batteries a little, at least you'll have an idea of what might help you get the spark back.
    And yay, exciting Japan trip! Japan in autumn is stunning, definitely go to Mino Koen (Osaka area) or Nikko (Tokyo area) to view the momiji (momiji viewing trips also tend to involve at least a little bit of hiking, so I think you'll like that). And when you get to Hiroshima, go to the Peace Park and find the volunteer guide stall (should be somewhere in the centre, in front of the Hiroshima Dome). The volunteer guides do free tours around the park and the museum (which has an entry fee, but it's something stupidly cheap like 70 yen) and can show you places and tell you stories that you'd otherwise struggle to find/learn. One guide in particular, a young lad named Masaaki, is really good, he speaks good English, is very involved with that community and has fantastic knowledge on the subject which he's constantly improving through reading, attending conferences and being involved with the survivors. But Hiroshima is generally a great place, I enjoyed my stay there a lot, so have fun! :D

    1. Aw, thank you so much for the tips <3 maybe it's okay to take a break, on the other hand I am enthusiastic about wearing things for/around Easter, then after that let's do something else for a while indeed :).

      And yes we're planning on going to Nikko. Mino park looks really nice too. And wow, cheap but good tours sounds amazing. My husband said he definitely wanted to do more tours with people that know of the place because you can get so much more out of the experience then. Thank you very much!