vrijdag 27 oktober 2017

Coord/Wardrobe Catch-up Sept/Okt '17

Long time no post! Well, actually secretly I've been writing up some stuff about sewing tips and Japan things, but I want to make illustrations to go with them so it might take a while. In the mean time I'll just update on you on some new stuff from last months.

When september came (and work started again) I was kind of in a good, energetic mode. And I also aqcuired a new iPad to draw on (the new one with the Apple pencil has pressure sensitivity so it's almost like drawing on a normal drawing tablet). I wanted to seriously give it a swing, so I thought, why not pick out and old fabric print design I thought of and create that with it. I had this sketch still lying around from a while ago and it was the perfect time to start it with the autumn coming. So this is what it became. you can see the details of the print on my portfolio website: www.pet-pet.nl. My original idea had dark red en green colors, but I think that wouldn't really suit my style so I changed it to some golden autumn colors.
I really wanted to wear it as soon as possible, and luckily I had a meet planned in my city with some fellow lolita friends. I wore a fake fur fawn collar with it, some princess sleeves blouse (that I bought at DMC in London), a pocket watch necklace I got some years ago for christmas, boots I bought at Ebay and a small straw basket that I thrifted and decorated with lace, bow and attached leaves to match the theme. Hahah I guess I was a little over-dressed, but I had fun <3!

A week before that we had a Halloween meet with our countries lolita community. It was a high tea at Hotel New York in Rotterdam. This is actually an old building, because it was the former headquarters of the Holland-America Lijn. Yes, that is where the huge ships would start their big journey to the other side of the ocean..how cool! The interior was also designed following that theme.
Before we had the high tea, we went to take some photos at the museum-park. For a long time I didn't know what to wear for this halloween meet, but I had one outfit that was an instant fit: Welcome to the Sweets Hexenhaus (you know, with the witch in that house). For that I crafted a witch hat myself, I was kinda happy with it, wearing it felt pretty nice too. People should wear these kinds of hats more often ;) !

The coord itself though was not very new. I feel a bit like I revolved my wardrobe again and I thought, why not challenge myself to, in the future, at least make some new coords with what I already have. So I made myself a list for 4 mainpieces per season. I already did two of them, one which is with the sunny forest dress above, and the other one is with my Dutch Sweet Tea jsk, which I wore with some pink (instead of the usual cream/beige) and with a blazer. Don't you think this totally changes the feel of the dress?
Yesterday, I wanted to wear some of the other to-do-coords but discovered I didn't have any matching socks (can you believe that with all the otks I already own ^^; ). So I hope I can buy some soon. There are already some other new items on their way too, I treated myself a bit for my birthday...I'm excited and hope the mailman rings our bell soon!

How is your autumn coming along? This october I carved a pumpkin for the first time, haha! 
Do you like to wear coords according to seasons or don't you care about that at all? Let me know!

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  1. Switching colours in a coord really breathes new life into clothes and they look so different! I like the Sweet Tea JSK with pink, the blazer adds an almost otome-kei kind of vibe to it, whilst still keeping the whole outfit cute and sweet. I think it's my favourite of the three here - although you did an amazing job with the witch hat too! Also, OTKs are love, OTKs are life, there's no such thing as too many of them! <3

    1. Ah thank you, I really was quite surprised with the combo myself as well, I feel like I should buy more of these jackets/blazers ;). And yes I bought the otk's after all. Thanks for the comment/compliments and for reading <3 !