zaterdag 2 september 2017

London & DMC Part 1

Last year I was a vendor (Risu Rose) at Wicked & Whimsy, you know, the big 2016 lolita fashion event organized by the Tea Party Club. While being a vendor, I also had an amazing time and I didn't go to the tea party on Sunday last year, then I decided I'd love to go to their next event in 2017. So I did!
The pond at Kensington Gardens, there are always plenty of birds nearby. I love London's parks! 

It took a while to find a construction with other people and/or being there some extra days, because I needed to work the monday after, but found a great solution in the end. My husband decided he wanted to come with me to London for some days before (and then go to a friend) so we went there on Tuesday and spent our days with nice food, shopping, walking and games (we went to one of the ClueQuest escape rooms and it was supercool!!). Honestly I was very happy I could, because just before this certain week, I was ill for two weeks, and couldn't get out of the house a lot. Fortunately enough it cleared up!

London is a huge city where there is always something new happening and its looks never seem to awe me. Especially in the summer there are lots of festivals and events, small and big. I wouldn't mind living there at all (if it weren't for Brexit and the general higher expenses).

A Ben & Jerry's icecream store where we enjoyed dessert after
a nice dinner with my father-in-law and his girlfriend.
There was a huge M&M World store, with all kinds of stuff.
The Lego store had amazing displays, look a this
lego ' painting' of London!
Nick had fun at a Star Wars arcade game pod.

Before we knew it, it was Friday and I met up with my roommates Poppy, Alexander, Liv, Ayumi (and mom) and unpacked at our hostel room near Elephant & Castle station. Afterwards we went to some cute shops near Covent Garden, bought cupcakes and then went for dinner at Dou Dou, a vegan buffet restaurant in Camden. I was really surprised by the quality of the food for such a good price, it was really tasty too! After finishing up we went back to prepare for the following day (and do lots of chatting :P ).
A selection of M&M's from M&M's World

My purchases from London (before DMC):

A merry-go-round moving musical cookie  jar and some unique tea
from Fortnum & Mason. I saw these cookie jars last year and
really wanted to have one myself!

Nick bought me this surprise troll pack, haha. So cute of him!
Lego character surprise packs!
I forgot my hairbrush, so I bought a new one at Pylones.
Adorable Cinnamoroll shirt bought at Artbox!

A pencil and ring from Artbox. I was happy that I found the ring
in between a tiny box of accessories. It was only £4!

I finally have a straw boater hat. Found it in Camden!

Birbs magnets/clips from
the Japanese bookstore.
An awesome Toothless mug from the 'Shrek's Adventure store' .

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