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Japan 2017 day 8-10: Other things we visited in Japan

Sorry for waiting for the rest of the Japan trip report! I've been a little less motivated the last weeks because of everything that happened with our ferrets (yes they are both gone now sadly -_- ), and well as usual my job requires a lot of energy and the remaining time I'd rather spent offline with husband/friends/family. So I decided to make a shorter post about the remaining days in Japan still left to write about.

Koishikawa KĊrakuen.
This is another wonderful park in Tokyo worth visiting. It lies near Tokyo Dome. It's one of the oldest gardens, built in 1600-1867. It is a varied landscape-like garden with lots of upward paths, bridges, ponds and blossoming trees. Actually, it is where we saw the first pretty sakura tree!

Nakano Broadway
Frankly, we didn't make any pictures of Broadway itself, but while going there we had to eat lunch and came across an amazing bakery, truly one of the best I've had with, well, I think at least 30 types of bread or something and it was super-crowded. AND they had Totoro-bread, so awesome:

 Tokyo Tower
Next day: After we tried to see sakura around the palace (and couldn't find it), we decided to walk to Tokyo Tower. Of course I know that the Skytree is higher and more modern, but Tokyo Tower is still somewhat more iconic to me, I saw it in multiple anime so I was eager to visit it. It's almost 333 tall and with that the second largest building in Japan.
Within the tower there are several levels, one with a view and also a level with a food-court (I had a crepe from Baskin-Robbins!) and some shops. We also came across a huge Hello Kitty to take a photo with.

The view from one of the windows
on the floor in the tower.

We also walked around Roppongi, which is indeed a bit different (more modern) than the rest of Tokyo, we got so lucky with all the weather honestly so there was no problem with walking everywhere :D! Near Roppongi apparently there also was a huge cemetery which Nick wanted to visit. It was very impressive. Then we walked through the Meiji Jingu sports park (and funny enough, I only now see we totally walked almost forth and back to Aoyama-Itchome station, haha), there was a big park with heavily guarded entrances and we couldn't see what it was supposed to be but on Google Maps I can now see that it was where the Prime Minister is supposed to live, so that makes sense.

Onsen Monogatari
The last day we went to Odaiba, to visit an onsen (Japanese hot spring), and not just a random one but more or less an attraction with all kinds of baths. You hire a kimono and then first come into a communal space where they immitate a summer-festival (matsuri), with food- and entertainment stands and lanterns in the air.

Then there are the bath-spaces, seperate for males and females. Yes everyone is naked, except that you carry a small towel with you in case you want to hide your parts while walking. Haha, I was sort of nervous about what to do and such, but it's all quite simple, but most important: it's super relaxing! They have all kinds of baths, from hot-to-cold, some with special minerals, some outside and some special saunas too. When you leave the baths again, there are special places for you to clean and groom your skin, it was quite luxurious! I totally get why people visit hot springs (with others) now.

To end the journey we choose to do what we started with when we first went to Japan: a visit to the Government building restaurant, with its unreal view. However it was suuupercrowded this day, so I wasn't too hopefull when we came to the restaurant and they said 45 min. waiting time. But oh well, we decided it was worth it. Then 10 min. later the couple waiting for us left and we were first in line, hooray! Actually, it wasn't crowded in the restaurant at all so I did not get really why they had a waiting time. Maybe they just did not want a lot of tourists in. We had seats at the bar near the window and it was amazing!

The next morning it was up early to Ueno station to ride the train back to Narita airport and say sayonara to Japan again. Who knows one day we might see eachother again (but for now we had enough of Japan for a while ;) )!
Will miss this crazy view, bye again <3 !
As I did the last time, I've also made a video with everything that we filmed. Which isn't too much, but it was nice to make and hopefully is nice to watch. Thanks for reading again! Are you going to Japan in the future? What are you looking forward to the most? Or did you go to Japan...what did you like most about it?

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