zondag 28 mei 2017

Japan 2017 day 7: Escape room + Nippori + Shinjuku

Hi everyone,

Thanks for still reading if you do! Sometimes writing these feels kind of useless, but it's always nice to look back at later on. But you know, if you have thoughts, comments or questions, they are always welcome!

After one week in Tokyo again, what can we still do? Well, my husband likes escape rooms a lot and he thought it would be a lot of fun to do one together in Japan, so we booked one at Escape Hunt in Akasaka. It was Japanese themed room of course and for my first time (yes I never actually went to an escape room before this) it was lots of fun to solve all kinds of puzzles and riddles. Oh and yes, we solved it on time too!

Next we planned to go to Nippori to look for nice fabric again, although I had a lot more time now, I was done a lot faster since I just had only to buy some things for myself and not to sell anymore. At the Tomato store they had a really nice collection of Sanrio themed fabric too, it was hard to choose what to take with me! They also had some new fabric for lolita-esque looks, this time with aquarium/ocean theme too but I don't want to splurge so I only bought two fabric pieces (sorry, the picture is a screenshot from my video so it's not too sharp).
It was lunchtime so we went looking for a place to eat again, and next to Nippori station there was something like a family-restaurant. It was kind of hard to order again, because the older woman helping us couldn't speak English, and apparently you had to order a whole menu set including drinks, but there wasn't a list with drinks, there was a self-service corner though so apparently you had to order the drinks in advance and then get it yourself. Anyway, we ordered something different (and yes again rather a big meal for a lunch...I'm sometimes so happy that this is not so usual in The Netherlands, I really don't like feeling 'full' and at night it's okay because you can just sit down and rest but during the day you have to do stuff so yeah that is kind of annoying for me). I ordered some kind of egg-meatball and Nick ordered a tonkatsu dish. It wasn't as special as we thought, but decent nonetheless.
 And here we were again, not knowing what we wanted to do in the afternoon. We just went to Shinjuku again, I still wanted to visit Marui Annex for the lolita shops there. It was raining too so it wasn't so bad to go inside a mall again. Next to lolita (and relatable fashion) shops, there were also some jewelry shops that were really lovely and inspiring. And we also found a Yuri on Ice cafe! It was totally booked though, but they had a photo corner that you could visit for free, yay so nice!
Downstairs there was another cute cafe, it was Cinnamoroll themed but there was such a long line and the decoration did not seem too interesting really so we skipped it. I already bought a Cinnamoroll gachapon item anyway.

That evening we spent in the hotel again, there was a really cute cat show on TV! Wondering if we still had things to visit in Tokyo? Yes we did actually, next day we are going to a park and Nakano Broadway!

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