zondag 23 april 2017

Japan 2017 day 4: Ikebukuro

On this sunny saturday March 18 we planned to go to Ikebukuro, but Nick wanted to visit the shops under Tokyo station first. It was really 'interesting' to visit Tokyo station on a saturday-morning, and by that I mean it was very busy everywhere and I had to hold hands with Nick so not to lose each other. After seeing all the character stores (and only buying something from the Pokemon shop), we took the train to Ikebukuro.

First off, we went into one of the thousands of arcades before going into Sunshine City and saw some different kinds of catchers there. I wanted to try one where a Pikachu plush was laying on two sticks and surprisingly catched it immediately, haha, did not expect that.

Don't know if it was before or after but of course we went to Closet Child there and it's quite a big one. After seeing the main pieces, I looked at the accessory/misc-shelves and immediately saw this cute yellow Tokimeki dot heart bag and it's been honestly one of my favourite bag-designs by Angelic Pretty but I never saw one for sale. It did have a little scratch on it but you don't see it that well and it was only about 30 euro so I bought it!
Then I also came across lavender socks from the Stardust Fantasia print by Baby The Stars Shine Bright, and they perfectly fit with my Twinkle Constellation jsk.
And as if that wasn't enough I also spotted the 'eat me' donut ring from AP. I guess it was my lucky day!

But then we still had whole Sunshine City to visit ...aaaand Otome road with its cheap anime shops. It was really kinda crowded everywhere, but yeah it was saturday so expected.
Of course we visited the big Pokemon center, they had lots of cute stuff there. Oh and there was a temporary Card Captor Sakura shop at the base, but they actually didn't sell that much interesting things, though it was really nice to see more CCS things (and they had a photo-place with huge-ass clow cards (too bad Nick didn't take a picture with the whole other cards though). And yes, we bought like ten new kinds of tea at the Lupicia shop, hihi.

After entering the actual mall we were really hungry and had delicious burgers at a Hawaii-themed restaurant. Also, there was an interesting balloon-event going on in the middle of the mall and it was really cool to see! We were totally done with the super-annoying voices of shopgirls screaming nasal 'Irasshaimase' and other things after a while though. Why can't they just let people 'shop in peace'? This is the other part of the Japanese 'welcoming culture'. Especially when I was at Axes Femme and wanted to try things on, it's every 30 seconds or so of annoying voices and I can honestly not imagine that customers actually feel it is a nice thing at all.

We took a break at a very silent park next to the building after seeing the anime shops, got back in for the last shops in Sunshine City I wanted to see and then left to eat in Akasaka again, at a random place where we were the only customers and it was superawkward. At least they had a robot, which was kinda interesting. When we walked back to the hotel we finally caught a Farfetch'd in Pokemon Go. Yay!

Loot of the day >>> yes we bought lots of that Easter Pikachu stuff,
it's sooo cute. And the Ah My Goddess box was a bit of a guess, but I knew that there would be pretty prints in it and some of them are hanging in our house now!

Also, I saw some lolita's while we were in Ikebukuro too, it's good to see that people still just walk around in the fashion during their free time. It was a nice day again, especially shopping-wise but after all the crowded places we were happy to NOT go shopping on sunday!

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