vrijdag 3 maart 2017

Coord/Wardrobe Catch-up Jan/Feb '17

The last months have been quite grey, rainy and cold, which you would expect from winter ofcourse but everytime it's still disappointing if you ask me. But it does not stop me from wearing the fashion inside the house and putting on some coordinations that otherwise keep hanging around in my head. So here is what I wore in January & February (apart from what I already showed) and new things I bought

Snow and sunshine always makes me happy, it glistens and looks so soft and happy,
it's truly the one thing I love about winter. So I needed to celebrate that and get my selfmade/designed Snowy Day jsk out, I'm pretty happy with this coord since it combines several colors and themes :D think it's my fav. with this jsk yet!
Had an after-work drink&bite with some colleagues of Nick (that work on the same corridor as me)
So I thought it would be nice to dress up, but not too much since wearing a petticoat in a crammed pub didn't sound like a great idea. I did however sell this dress this week, I do like the print but I just didn't feel really 'me' in it, guess I'm even more into sweet than I thought.
Don't you have that sometimes that your taste changes a bit or gets more defined later on?

All through january I was thinking: what would I wear for valentines? That heart-bag was a must-have for the coord, so something with red. But to be honest, I wore so much Milky Berry in the last years that I just wanted something else. I liked this print and color of Lyrical Party a lot and found it for cheap on Yahoo so I bought it :D. It is kinda smaller and shorter than other dresses I have, but it's different and the print is obviously super adorable! But the temperature was under zero that day so we didn't go for diner unfortunately. Well, I can wear it another day!

Last week I had a short holiday of work and stayed at home most of the time to get some deserved rest. I've been thinking about coording Little Bears Cafe with this bag for a while but just not a lot of opportunities so I just thought: why the hell not just wear it for the fun of it.

New items in my wardrobe!

This is a bow I made, I didn't have a lavender one already and was looking for one that is a bit less popping out like the sweet headbows that AP sometimes makes. Maybe I should make a light-yellow one too.

For a long time I had the idea for making a bunny cape for with my Marshmallow Bunny jsk
and when I got the latest Otome no Sewing for christmas I got the perfect pattern for it, so here it is!

Bought this (fake fur) collar from a fellow Dutch lolita friend, thought it looked pretty good with this pearlish cardigan. I hope I can have a deer/fawn-themed dress one day.

A beret and a pass-case holder. I loved that detailed Serenity embroidery.
The pass-case is for in Japan :) don't you love the idea of having your pass in something cute that you can swipe over the gates. 

And here it is, besides the Lyrical Party jsk, I also got Happy Garden for a nice price from a Belgian lolita friend. This is another print I have awed at for some years but wasn't sure to get because, yes it screams Easter. BUT I can wear this throughout whole spring. Or even during autumn if I miss the feeling of spring, right? And look, the print is soooo cute!!

So this is probably going to be my last post before I fly over to amazing Tokyo, I can't wait! So when I'm back I can hopefully tell you all about it :). 

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